Sixth College Four-Year Plans

Four-Year Plans are designed to assist students in long-term academic planning. They provide an overview of the recommended course schedules to facilitate graduation from UC San Diego in four years for any major. Please take into consideration that major requirements and time-to-degree varies per individual. 

The Four-Year Plans should be used as a guide ONLY, and students should consult with their major department undergraduate advisor to obtain in depth advising about the major. In addition, the four-year plans do not guarantee that courses will be offered in the quarters listed. 

If you have further questions regarding your long-term academic planning, please contact Sixth College Academic Advising via the Virtual Advising Center or make an appointment for long-term planning by calling (858) 534-9001.

Please visit the UCSD Four Year Plans site to view available plans.

For more information and strategies for graduating on time, visit Timely Degree Completion.