General Education Requirements



Freshman Core Sequence: Culture, Art, and Technology (CAT)

Students must complete the core sequence (CAT 1, 2, and 3) in order. You should complete the sequence during your freshman year or as soon as you have completed the Entry Level Writing Requirement. The sequence cannot be replaced with college courses taken at another institution.

Information Technology Fluency

Choose one of the approved computing courses from the Sixth College GE requirements list.

Note: CSE 8A, CSE 11, MAE 9, ECE 15, SE 9 are required for engineering students. We encourage students who are not engineering majors to choose other courses. This area can overlap with your major.

Breadth Requirements

Students must take 10 breadth courses encompassing a variety of disciplines outlined in the Sixth College GE Requirements list.

All GE Breadth Requirement areas may overlap with your major requirements.

  • Social Analysis (2 social science courses)
  • Narrative, Aesthetic, and Historical Reasoning (2 humanities courses)
  • Analytical and Scientific Methods (2 science courses)
  • Structured Reasoning (1 math/logic course)
  • Exploring Data (1 statistics course)
  • Art Making (8 units)

Upper Division Requirements

  • Practicum course or project (This area can overlap with your major requirements)
  • CAT 125 (Public Rhetoric and Practical Communication)

Additional Information

  • Courses offered by your major department can overlap with your GE requirements.
  • Some Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) credit can be used to satisfy some GE areas. Where appropriate, GE's requiring two courses may be satisfied by 8 units of applicable AP credit.