University Requirements

  • American History and Institutions (AHI requirement)

    • Knowledge of American history and of the principles of American institutions under the federal and state constitutions is required of all candidates for a bachelor's degree.

    • Refer to the UC San Diego General Catalog for guidelines and the approved course list.

International Students on F-1 Visas:

  • Academic Advising will waive AHI for students with F-1 visas in their last quarter.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI requirement)

    • A knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion is required of all candidates for a Bachelor's degree who begin their studies at UC San Diego in lower-division standing in Fall 2011 or thereafter, or in upper-division standing in Fall 2013 or thereafter.

    • This requirement shall be satisfied by passing, with a grade not lower than C- or P, a one-quarter, four-unit course expressly approved by the Committee on Educational Policy for that purpose. A list of approved courses will be provided in the UC San Diego General Catalog.

    • This requirement may be satisfied by presenting proof of having passed a one-quarter, four-unit transfer course, or its equivalent, at a recognized institution of higher education, community colleges included, that has been articulated to one of the courses approved by the Committee on Educational Policy for the purpose of meeting the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion requirement.
  • Sixth College GE and University Requirements (DEI and AHI) Course Overlaps (PDF)

  • Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR, formerly known as the Subject A requirement)

  • 180 total units (this includes Advanced Placement units and UC transferable credit from other institutions)

  • At least 60 of these 180 units must be completed at the upper-division level

  • No more than 25% of your UCSD units can be taken for the pass/no pass grading option

  • 35 of your final 45 units must be completed at UCSD to satisfy the Senior Residency requirement (students studying abroad may petition to waive this requirement)

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher