Greg Head

Senior Academic Advisor

Greg Head
  • (858) 534-9001
  • (858) 822-5999
  • 9500 Gilman Dr.
    Mail Code: 0054
    La Jolla , California 92093

Hello, my name is Greg Head and happy to be of service as an academic support in your college journey. I’m a UCSD alumni, earning my BS Psychology degree at Warren College. Outside of a brief year and a half period around 2011-2012 when I worked as a therapist with foster families, I’ve been providing academic support to students since I graduated from UCSD. During this time period, I’ve earned a Master of Art Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Bethel University’s San Diego Campus. I grew up in South Lake Tahoe and I am partial to being outdoors and taking photos of beautiful places. If I’m indoors, I’m watching football or maybe a movie if it’s the off season.

Through my experiences as both a student and staff member, I’ve developed skills that allow me to assist a diverse group of students with diverse needs at UCSD. It is my privilege and honor to assist students with their academic goals and pointing those academic goals in a direction that ultimately leads to a fulfilling future. I look forward to meeting with you in the future. 

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