Art + Technology



Office—Spaced is a curated set of site-specific events, think tanks, workshops, and performances that activate the office space of the Culture, Art, and Technology program. A concurrent residency program will also run alongside the curated program and culminate with two resident shows. As a research module, Office—Spaced interrogates both formal and informal institutions and systems of knowledge as well as how the built environment shapes us and how we shape it. Notions of culture, art, and technology will be explored, problematized, and utilized. Office—Spaced will use the microcosm of the Academic Programs Office space to explore larger institutional issues that engage with Sixth College, UCSD, the broader San Diego community, and the world.

Residency Program

There will be two residency cycles during the 2017-2018 academic year. Residents will include at least two graduate students and two Sixth College undergraduates. Each resident will receive an honorarium as well as shared studio workspace. Additionally, residents may put together a budget for materials needed to create their project. This residency is not intended to take away from your current research or projects but rather to complement your ongoing work. As a resident you will also receive credit on your Co-Curricular Record and a certificate for completing this program.

The Culture, Art, and Technology program office will become a laboratory for process, iteration, and research. Residents may choose to use methodologies from design thinking, ethnography, social practice, art practice, etc. You may interact with the staff to explore the notions of institutional memory.

This residency is open to all disciplines and departments: Visual Arts, Literature, Music, Engineering, Computer Science, Design, Cognitive Science, Theatre, Communication, Sociology, Dance, Ethnic Studies, Urban Planning, Anthropology, etc. Interdisciplinarity is encouraged and you may apply as a collaboration.

All residents are asked to complete at least one project—although multiple projects and iterations throughout the residency are encouraged—including but not limited to: zine or chapbook of writings, painting, performance art, video, film, new media work, video game, animation, photography, musical composition, performance or installation, theatre piece or play, dance, sculpture installation, manuscript, computing, prototype, map, graph, or design.

Your project must be able to be viewed, accessed, read, archived, or have ephemera left behind in the office space after the end of your residency. Collaborative projects that may emerge across disciplines are encouraged during your residency. You will work closely with the Associate Director for Art and Technology to address any of your needs and receive feedback during your process. You are asked to be physically present for your residency for at least five hours each week with exceptions as needed. There will be five group meetings during the residency as well as a final show and publication to highlight the work and research of your cohort at the end of the program.