Find the answers to questions frequently asked about CAT 125 below.

CAT 125

Can I take CAT 125 before I reach upper-division standing?

CAT 125 is an upper-division course and can only be taken by students who have completed at least ninety units. We are unfortunately not able to allow students who have not met the unit requirement to take this class unless they have special extenuating circumstances. If you feel that your situation requires you to take CAT 125 before you have reached upper-division standing, you may submit a petition to the Academic Programs Office on the second floor of Pepper Canyon Hall for review.

Can I take CAT 125 as pass/no pass?

You are able to take CAT 125 as pass/no pass if you like, but we recommend that students take writing classes like this for a letter grade as it is often a prerequisite for graduate schools. You must also make sure that taking the class as pass/no pass will not cause you to exceed the 25% pass/no pass unit maximum, meaning that no more than a quarter of your total units can be taken as pass/no pass and all others must be taken for a letter grade.

Can I get into CAT 125 from the waitlist?

Unfortunately, we are not able to enroll students into full sections of CAT 125, even if the course instructor or TA has told you that it might be possible for us to do so. The only way to get into CAT 125 from the waitlist is if a seat opens up in the section you are currently enrolled in or in another section that fits your course schedule.

Can I switch to a different section of CAT 125?

Although we here in the Academic Programs Office do not have the power to move you into a different section of CAT 125 if it is already full, we can arrange a section swap if you find someone in another section who is willing to switch with you. There is a trade list on the wall outside of the Academic Programs Office where you can sign up to coordinate a section swap with another student. If you find someone to switch with, you will both need to come into the Academic Programs Office together to switch sections.

CAT 125R

What is CAT 125R? How does it work?

CAT 125R is an online version of CAT 125 that covers all of the same material as the traditional, in-person course and fulfills the same requirement. CAT 125R is held entirely online, meaning that both the lectures and the sections are conducted remotely. Lecture material is prerecorded and made available for students to view at their convenience. The course requires two hours of discussion time each week, one hour of which is a video chat held at a specific assigned time so that all students can converse with their instructor simultaneously. The other hour of required discussion is completed through other interactive events.