Fall 2017 CAT 125 Courses

CAT 125 and CAT 125R are upper-division writing and communication courses offered every quarter, in which students focus on translating skills developed in lower-division writing courses into writing after college and public rhetoric. CAT 125 is a traditional in-person course. CAT 125R is its distance learning counterpart, held entirely online. In these courses, students learn to:

  • Develop increased experience and proficiency in public presentation, documentation, and curation.
  • Direct written, spoken, or digital compositions to multiple audiences.
  • Examine their own authority as writers and understand how different genres and citation conventions are appropriate for establishing credibility in different contexts.

CAT 125A: Public Rhetoric and Practical Communication

Instructor: Joe Cantrell

CAT 125 Staff

CAT 125B: Demonstrating Expertise Through Digital Media

Instructor: Joe Bigham

CAT 125 Bigham

CAT 125R: Public Rhetoric and Practical Communication Online

Instructor: Alex Sartor

CAT 125R Sartor

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