Experiential Learning Praxis: 

Exploring Transformation and Creativity Through Higher Education

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An Experiential Learning Conference

Sponsored by Sixth College, University of California, San Diego

Organizers: Diane Forbes Berthoud, Practicum Director, Sixth College; Shelley Streeby, Interim Director of Academic Programs; and Daniel Donoghue, Sixth College Provost.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Cross Cultural Center, UC San Diego


The conference will focus on the ways in which experiential learning pedagogies and practice can prepare us to address complex social problems and lead in an increasingly volatile and polarizing environment.   We are particularly interested in panels that address contemporary social and political dilemmas, and the ways in which experiential learning best practices, challenges and recommendations can address them.  Some questions to guide proposals are:  In what ways can experiential learning pedagogies address complex social problems?   What course or program designs are most effective in preparing students to understand and address the complexities of our modern society?  What syllabi, programs and proposals can we develop that prepare us to address these pervasive concerns? 

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In the past year, cities such as Ferguson, Chicago, Cleveland, and Baltimore have been the focus of many debates around issues of social justice, civil rights, freedom of speech, community activism and leadership effectiveness.   In the last few months, higher education institutions throughout the U.S. have also experienced heightened tensions around equity, free speech, civility, leadership, and student activism.  We have seen unprecedented protests and demands on colleges campuses and in our broader society, as various communities face complex social, economic and political issues and challenge structural inequities and challenges.  As we collectively grapple with these complicated and pervasive problems, responses often reflect polarity, a collective struggle for dialogue, confusion and apathy.

Research has shown that experiential learning and pedagogies can increase civic engagement, higher order skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, synthesis and a deeper understanding and engagement of information from classroom and social contexts.   Through effective experiential learning methods, students learn to examine and impact structural and institutional factors related to complex social issues than would be the case if they remained in the lecture halls.   

Higher education is poised to play a leadership role in preparing students to analyze, critically examine, and respond to the complicated issues of our time.   Through well-designed and creative pedagogies, universities can educate and prepare the next generation of leaders to be at the forefront of the debates and needed change, and thrive in an increasingly complex world.

We invite scholars, practitioners, instructors, and community members  to join us in an interdisciplinary dialogue about the role of experiential learning to better prepare and position our students and larger communities to be more engaged in and responsive to our contemporary social issues.  We invite those who would like to propose or share courses and programs that actively engage learners in complicated discourses, concepts, and praxis.   There will be a few sessions dedicated to the practice of experiential designs and methods with conference attendees, so that attendees can experience active learning methods such as the practice of dialogue, conflict resolution, leadership development, and other methods in person.

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Individual and Panel Proposals accepted. 

Individual Proposals

Provide a 250- to 300-word abstract of the proposed paper and include a one-sentence description of the paper for the conference program.

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Provide a 350- to 400-word abstract of the panel, the panel title, and the paper titles. Also include a one sentence description of your panel and of each paper for the conference program. Provide a chair/respondent, if possible.

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For further information, please contact eduinaction@ucsd.edu