Experiential Learning Praxis Keynote Speaker

Zachary Gabriel Green


Zachary Gabriel Green, Ph.D. is a professor of practice in Leadership Studies at University of San Diego, the Associate Director of the USD's Leadership Institute, and a founder of Group Relations International. A clinical psychologist by training, Zachary teaches courses on human development, organizational behavior, dialogue, negotiations, mindfulness, and love.

As a practitioner, Zachary's clients have included multinational corporations, government agencies, NGOs, universities, religious institutions, and nonprofits entities. Zachary is also lead faculty for the RISE Urban Leadership Fellows in San Diego and has been a leadership coach for the World Bank for 15 years.

His most recent venture, through IMAGO Global Grassroots, involves participatory co-creative models of international development. His latest writing and research are on the nexus of human consciousness and decision-making, an integral model of peace leadership, a critique of modern social movements, and the interface of psychology and virtual reality.

Dr. Green frequently offers workshops and training nationally and internationally on the psychological dimensions of the “now” of leadership.

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Keynote Address Abstract

Community Leadership at the Academic Nexus Zachary Gabriel Green

We often speak of the importance in higher education of “theory-to-practice” models. As educators we strive in academic settings to offer meaningful experiences to students that allow the learning in the classroom to be applied to the community. What then happens when the community is brought to the classroom?

This talk offers an exploration of the community and academy nexus and emerging leadership models of practice. We will consider the promise for deepening the reciprocal flow when the ideas studied in theory face the test of being placed in action in local neighborhoods--in a way that impacts lives.

One such effort, the San Diego Rise Urban Leadership Fellows Program, is an ambitious intervention where an integral adaptive leadership model is being put into practice. Highly experiential quarterly forums characterize the program. Dialogues to promote reflective inner work as well as sessions to design evidenced-based community change are the focus of the pedagogy.

Using the program as a case model, we will examine ways experiential learning that brings together community leaders and academic experts may point to praxis for greater consideration in larger spheres.