2015 Winners

  • Christopher Aldama '15

    Christopher Aldama '15

    CAT 124: Divine Comedy

    “My Sixth College Practicum experience was the best and most productive class I’ve taken at UCSD. I made an effort for all of my classes to construct projects that would allow me to keep developing my own type of comedy. I was only ever able to do things that were somewhat like what I wanted to do. While acting is on my list of wants and desires, it was not the most important to me. When I enrolled in CAT 124: Divine Comedy, my art and my future were finally on the forefront of my mind. Not only was I able to write and learn while doing, I was able to judge my own art by its degree of political activism. I was able to see and discuss my subjects under a magnifying class to really refine my art.”

  • Arlene Ngor '15

    Arlene Ngor '15

    POLI 199: Independent Study for Undergraduates

    “This past summer, I was given the opportunity to participate in poverty research practice, where my interest in health and well-being education and promotion could be translated closely to an incredible summer fieldwork internship. This internship with the Blum Cross Border Initiative was for my Sixth Practicum requirement but also to foster my growth and development in this field. Through the internship, I better understood the relationship between poverty, health, and illness on the local and international level of the San Ysidro and Tijuana border."

  • Cindy Yang '15

    Cindy Yang '15

    CAT 124: Comicraft

    “This Practicum has helped me to realize that I want to pursue greater projects in the field of medicine. By analyzing comics that highlight social issues in our community, I learned that there are often more issues than we can see on the surface. In my gap year before medical school, I hope to utilize the skills that the Practicum has taught me, through creating online videos and resources that can help guide disadvantaged students from underserved communities. I will utilize art and technology to convey material in a simple manner, as I did when creating comics.”