Winter 2019 Sixth College Classes

The Practicum program brings together an interdisciplinary faculty to expound on Culture, Art, and Technology themes through distinct experiential learning opportunities. These classes are offered as CAT 124 and CAT 198 courses and are open to students in all departments and fields. In order to apply for and enroll in a Sixth College-hosted Practicum class, students must submit a Practicum proposal by Friday of Week 8 of the quarter before they plan to take their chosen CAT 124 or CAT 198 course.

CAT 124A: Public Health Fair

Instructor: Ryan Moran

Public Health Fair

This course is designed to serve as an introduction and Practicum for students to gain an understanding of healthcare from a variety of public health perspectives. Topics will include core areas of public health that will serve as the basis of group discussions and a launchpad for students to explore areas of interest. These core areas will include an introduction to the United States healthcare sector, the role of public health, community health promotion, chronic disease prevention, and digital health. In addition to contributing to class discussions, students will be required to proactively seek out opportunities to explore various healthcare settings, issues, and careers outside of the classroom. For example, the course instructors will help facilitate students volunteering at the Linda Vista Health Care Center Health Fair, shadowing research staff in the Exercise and Physical Activity Resource Center, and visiting public health resources in San Diego County. The knowledge, skills, and experience gained in this course will be applicable to careers in public health, medicine, and other healthcare professions—even the digital health and wellness industries.