Summer Session I 2019
Sixth College Classes

The Practicum program brings together an interdisciplinary faculty to expound on Culture, Art, and Technology themes through distinct experiential learning opportunities. These classes are offered as CAT 124 and CAT 198 courses and are open to students in all departments and fields. In order to apply for and enroll in a Sixth College-hosted Practicum class, students must submit a Practicum proposal by Friday of Week 8 of the quarter before they plan to take their chosen CAT 124 or CAT 198 course.

CAT 124A: Exhibition Building

Instructor: Michael Ano

Museum of Contemporary Art: Exhibition Building

This Practicum will examine recent concepts and visual practices around contemporary art creation and curation through rigorous examination of local cultural institutions, exhibitions, and course readings. In addition to developing research practices, students will engage in a series of participatory discussions and activities, specifically producing or curating a series of objects (a zine, a sculpture, a video). Each object will be discussed in relationship to the surrounding community, time, architecture, other artworks, its curation and installation, and curriculum and educational programs developed in support of the object. Over the course of the quarter students will collaboratively develop an event centering on object-making/curation, curriculum development, promotion, exhibition design, and community outreach. The final class will take the form of a culminating exhibition and event at ARTifact Gallery, Sixth College. Depending on availability, guest speakers (local curators, educators, and UC San Diego faculty) will be invited to give brief talks.