Hot Air Balloons and Interviews

Melinda Barnadas and Tae Hwang

Hot Air Balloons and Interviews

This course will involve community hot air balloon construction and will culminate in the collaborative publication of interviews with contributions from each student. Informed by Mexican traditions of hot air balloon-making and Studs Terkel’s interviews of ordinary Americans, visual artists of Collective Magpie, Tae Hwang and MR Barnadas, will take students on a ten-week intensive ethnographic journey through the San Diego/Tijuana borderlands. What defines our notion of "border"? How are borders ignored or understood? How does one negotiate and transcend national and territorial boundaries? How can space for dialogue be opened in the liminal spaces that comprise a "border"?

Students will answer these questions through developed conversation and transcription. This unique course combines hot air balloon construction and dialogue inside of a nomadic inflatable dome. Through a series of globos balloon-making workshops students will share labor in hot air balloon construction and connect with the communities of the region. Students are not required to cross into Mexico for this course.


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