Residential Life


At Sixth College, we view living on campus as an integral part of our residents' education. The Office of Residential Life is here to support residents' academic pursuits as well as their personal growth outside of the classroom. We encourage residents to become active in our community and to take advantage of the many opportunities for involvement in its programs, activities, and organizations.

Sixth College Handbook

The Sixth College Residential Life Handbook is a completely electronic resource this year!  Please make sure to familiarize yourself with it.

Living in the apartments and residence halls provides a wonderful opportunity to:

  • Meet new people
  • Learn about new cultures
  • Develop life skills that will extend beyond the college years
  • Develop respect and caring for others
  • Make responsible lifestyle choices and decisions
  • Share academic, social, and cultural experiences with other students
  • Learn to live peacefully in close quarters with a diverse group of people

Residential Life staff are here to assist residents when they:

  • Have a question, suggestion, or complaint
  • Check into or out of the Sixth College Apartments or Residence Halls
  • Receive packages from UPS, DHL, or FedEX
  • Are locked out of their residences
  • Request to change rooms
  • Want to plan an activity or program
  • Want to request reservations for common space use

The Resident Dean, Assistant Resident Deans, and 25 undergraduate Resident Assistants all live in the Sixth College Housing Complex. At least one staff member is available to assist residents 24 hours a day during the academic year.

For all non-emergencies, our office may be reached at (858) 822-5268 during posted business hours. After business hours, please call (858) 534-5555.

For all emergencies, call the UCSD Police Department at (858) 534-HELP (4357).


Res Life

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 9:00PM

Saturday - Sunday
1:00PM - 9:00PM

RA on duty: (858) 534-5555

UCSD Police: (858) 534-4357

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