Welcome to Sixth College Residential Life!

***Please be sure to continue checking your email and utilize the Sixth College Residential Life website to receive further details to assist you with your move-in for Fall Quarter!

Below are details to help you with Move-In weekend. On your MyRoomAssignment Page, you have been assigned a Move-In Date and Time. *One tip that will take you far is to remember to bring your own dolly!*

Please remember to view AND print/bring your QwikPass with you at move-in. Remember to print or have your QwikPass ready on your mobile device! Your QwikPass will include the following information:

  • Assigned room and bedspace
  • Campus mailing address
  • Move-In Date & Time - specific date & time
  • Electronic Lock PIN CODE

You can either print your QwikPass or have it available on your smartphone. In order to assist with traffic and parking availability, please do not arrive earlier than your specified Move-in Date and Time.



Sunday, Sept. 16th:                                                    First-Year Student Move-in (Orientation participants)

Tuesday, Sept. 18th - Friday, Sept. 21st:                   First-Year Student Orientation

Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 22nd & 23rd:                    Continuing Student Move-in

Monday, Sept. 24th – Wednesday, Sept. 26th:          Welcome Week

Thursday, Sept. 27th:                                                   First Day of Classes




Move-In Directions  / Map for Sixth College Apartments / Matthews Apartments:

***During your move-in day look for all things from Sixth College in BLUE to help direct you!***

Sixth College Move-In Map for Sixth College Apartments / Matthews Apartments:

Parking Option 1:  https://goo.gl/maps/twj1WU4Zy3y 

Parking Option 2:  https://goo.gl/maps/39ASqz1N2ky


Room Assignments for Sixth College Apartments / Matthews Apartments:

You are in the APARTMENTS  if your assignment looks like this:



 Bedspaces in a Triple:
A= Bottom Bunk
B= Top Bunk
C= Lofted Bed


Sixth College Move-In Directions / Map for Residence Halls:  

 ***During your move-in day look for all things from Sixth College in RED to help direct you!***

 Sixth College Move-In Map for Residence Halls



Room Assignments for Residence Halls:

 You are in the RESIDENCE HALLS if your assignment looks like this:









Bedspaces in a Triple:
A= Bottom Bunk
B= Top Bunk
C= Lofted Bed



Parking: Parking permits are not sold to first-year residential students.  For continuing students, go to http://parking.ucsd.edu and order your student parking permit if you plan to keep a car on campus. Allow for 7-10 days for mailing to your permanent address.

Parking is free on the weekends. For orientation or weekday parking, a parking permit is required for each day on campus. Day passes can be purchased from any parking attendant or any parking kiosk. Parking information can be found at http://parking.ucsd.edu