Resident Assistants/Housing Advisors (RAs/HAs)


Take your undergraduate experience to the next level by applying to be one of UC San Diego's premier student leaders:  A Sixth College Resident Assistant/Housing Advisor! 

RA/HA Selection for the 2018-2019 academic year is now open! 

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*Work-study is not required but may be used.

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 The Resident Assistant/Housing Advisor (RA/HA) is a registered full-time student employee who lives and interacts with their peers in a residence hall or apartment complex. The RA/HA is a member of the Residence Life staff and actively participates in the development of a comprehensive residential life program.

The RA/HA position, due to its live-in nature, requires a willingness to be called into service at any time of the day or night in order to meet students' needs as they arise, even in times of emergency when the campus may close for extended periods of time. 

The RA/HA will function as a resource, friend, and peer advisor to residents. Therefore, availability, consistency, and interpersonal skills are of the utmost importance. The RA/HA is expected to serve as a role model and abide by all University and Residential Life policies.

The RA/HA is expected to adopt the goals of maintaining a safe, secure, and comfortable living/learning environment. As a role model and a programmer, the RA/HA is further fulfilling the University's mission for education and service as well as maintaining good academic standing and continuing full-time student status.



To be eligible for employment as a Resident Assistant/Housing Advisor at Sixth College, candidates must:

  • Be of at least sophomore standing by the beginning of the Fall for which the RA/HA is applying. In addition, candidate must have attended UCSD for one full academic quarter in order to apply and be a full time registered student at UCSD the quarter prior to hiring (spring quarter).
  • Academic success of at least a 2.50 Grade Point Average (GPA) is a preferred minimum quarterly and cumulatively in order to apply and at the time of hire. If a candidate has a quarterly and/or cumulative GPA falls below a 2.50 at any point during the academic year (including summer sessions, prior to, or at the time of hire), the candidacy may be forfeited and if offered a position, the offer may be rescinded. An employee whose quarterly and/or cumulative GPA drops below the university academic minimum will be subjected to conditional employment and/or release of employment at the discretion of the Associate Dean of Student Affairs/Director of Residence Life staff.
Quarterly grade checks will be conducted by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs/Director of Residence Life staff after grades have been finalized. If an employee is anticipating a quarterly and/or cumulative grade point average drop, it is the responsibility of the employee to immediately notify the Associate Dean of Student Affairs/Director of Residence Life staff.

Conditions of Employment

Appointment is for one academic year, contingent on satisfactory performance as evaluated by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs/Director of Residence Life staff.

The Resident Assistant/Housing Advisor must sign and abide by policies outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Employment, Staff Expectations, University Housing Contract and Staff Alcohol Policy Statement. 

The RA/HA position is an on-campus position, work-study is not required, but may be used.

The RA/HA can expect to spend an estimated 19 productive and involved hours per week, although this time can vary depending on the time of the year and the circumstances. Any RA/HA wishing to obtain another job or be involved in other extracurricular activities (such as sports, drama productions, student government, etc.) must have prior approval from their supervisor. All such activities must be arranged so as not to conflict with any RA/HA responsibilities.

In accordance with the University of California's Personnel Policies for Staff Members (UCPPSM) section 61, employees serving a probationary period or holding limited, casual/restricted or floater appointments may be released at any time at the discretion of the University. The employee shall be notified of the release in writing.

The RA/HA must pay UCSD Student Services fees each quarter working (including Spring 2018 to start working 08/26/2018).

The University of California is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, protected veteran status, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Upon hire, the RA/HA applicant MUST be able to provide proof of eligibility to work in the U.S. Original, unexpired documents REQUIRED. No photocopies accepted. No exceptions.

Res Life

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