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Prospective Freshmen

At Sixth College, our goal is to prepare students to become effective global citizens who engage creatively and ethically with the complex issues facing the world. UCSD ranks in the top 10 universities, so you know you will receive an excellent education here. Through Sixth College's academic and co-curricular programs, you will learn to become innovative, interconnected, and aware.

Our college theme is Culture, Art, and Technology.

Community Life

At Sixth College, our programs, services, and facilities are designed to create a supportive environment that enhances the personal development and learning of our entire campus community. Working in partnership with faculty and staff, we prepare our students to be responsible and contributing members of a diverse, global society by providing learning-centered environments, meaningful out-of-class opportunities, and professional support services that help you learn through your co-curricular experience and achieve academic success.

While it might be that you enjoy participating in some of our annual traditions such as the Chocolate Festival, Let It Flow: A Soulful Night at Sixth, Spirit of the Masters or Kuncocshun; it may also be that getting involved in our Sixth College Student Council, serving as a Resident Advisor, or becoming an Orientation Leader would be a way for you to gain valuable leadership skills and experiences. To learn more about Sixth, we encourage you to check out our virtual tours of the residence halls and college spaces, and to look into all the co-curricular opportunities available at Sixth College!

General Education (GEs)

For detailed Sixth College GE requirements, please visit our GE and Graduation requirement page.

Students must take 12 courses encompassing a variety of disciplines.

  • Social Analysis (2 social science courses)
  • Narrative, Aesthetic, and Historical Reasoning (2 humanities courses)
  • Analytical and Scientific Methods (2 science courses)
  • Structured Reasoning (1 math/ logic course)
  • Exploring Data (1 statistics course. This area can overlap with your major requirements)
  • Societal Context (2 courses)
  • Social Context
  • Ethical Context (This area can overlap with your major requirements)
  • Art Making (8 units)

The mission of Sixth College’s Academic Advising staff is to help students integrate into the UCSD academic community and develop sound academic, career and life goals. Academic advising is an intentional educational partnership between advisors and students and is a process that considers and respects students’ diverse backgrounds, interests and abilities. As Academic Advisors, we strive to develop personal and caring  relationships with our students and are looking forward to continuing our tradition of excellence in the delivery of academic advising services.

Academic Programs

The Sixth College core academic program focuses on Culture, Art and Technology. In this program, students take an interdisciplinary look through experiential learning at how the things we humans make—specifically, art and technology—reflect what we believe and value, focus our attention, and alter our environment. Our partnership with ArtPower! in creating our Arts6 program helps students explore these themes.

Students at Sixth College also participate in the upper-division Practicum. The goal of the Practicum is to have students build bridges to local and global communities, engaging students in communal work, and fostering an ethical obligation to service through experiential learning.

Supportive Faculty

Our dedicated faculty and staff strive to create a rich and varied cultural and social life for students, as well as a more energized physical environment through on- and off-campus partnerships.
We ♥ Sixth!


What's Unique about Sixth?

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