What is a Provost?

A Provost serves as the academic and administrative head of the college and is responsible for the oversight of all educational affairs and activities. He or she is also a tenured member of the faculty who continues to engage in scholarly research and teaching. As leader of the college, the Provost's responsibilities include:

  • Developing college curriculum
  • Evaluating faculty for promotion
  • Overseeing the programs and activities of college life
  • Providing a crucial link with alumni, parents, and families

Our Interim Provost, Ann Craig

Professor Ann Craig is Interim Provost at Sixth College.  She is an alumna of the University of Minnesota (B.A. International Relations) and M.I.T. (Ph.D. Political Science). 

Arriving at UCSD in 1980, Professor Craig joined the comparative politics section of the Department of Political Science, bringing her research interests in social movements in Mexico.  Her research focused on political participation within formal governmental institutions and in social movements in opposition to them.  This led to publications including books about a regional history of agrarian reform in Mexico (The First Agraristas: An Oral History of Agrarian Reform in Mexico), Mexican politics more generally (The Mexican Political System in Transition), and social movements in the late 20th century (Popular Movements and Political Change in Mexico).  She taught Latin American politics, focusing on different countries, issues, and time periods. 

Her interest in Latin America evolved from the experience of growing up during her formative years in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.  Attending bilingual schools, she became fluent in Spanish and thrived in the multi-cultural environment.  That experience led to academic interests in international relations, anthropology, and inter-cultural communications in college, and later to graduate study in political science and years of field research in Mexico.  She also became deeply committed to international education, including study abroad.  

In 1994 she became Provost of Eleanor Roosevelt College, retiring from that position and Political Science in December 2009.  Since then she has remained involved with UC San Diego, returning to work and volunteer part time on several international education projects and committees and with the Emeriti Association.  She also served for 1 ½ years as Acting and then Interim Provost at Revelle College.