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How to Be Readmitted to Sixth College

Deadlines for Readmission

Deadlines are strictly enforced by the colleges; no exceptions will be made.

Learn how to be readmitted to Sixth College.

  1. You voluntarily left UCSD (you were NOT academically disqualified)

  2. You left because you were disqualified from UCSD for failing to satisfy the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR)

    • Show the Analytical Writing Program that you have completed at least one college level composition course (including papers written for that course).
    • Pass the Redemption Exam. For further information, please contact the Analytical Writing Program.
    • Clear your ELWR hold on your record. Contact the academic advising office via VAC for more details.
    • Apply for readmission and pay the required fee by the deadlines listed above. Log in with your PID and follow the instructions.
  3. You left because you were academically disqualified from UCSD OR you left while on Final Quarter Contract

    • First, complete the College Readmission Evaluation Form (PDF) and return it to the Sixth Advising Office via email at
    • If your readmission appeal form is approved by Sixth College, then complete the online Readmission form for UCSD and pay the required fee (MUST be completed by the deadline listed above). Log in with your PID and follow the instructions.
    • Check the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) for your new contract. Sixth Academic Advising may contact you with questions about your Readmission Appeal Form.

    The Registrar's Office will contact you when the process is complete and give you instructions on how you can enroll in your classes.

For more information, contact Sixth College Advising.