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Arthur Alvarez

Academic Advisor

Arthur Alvarez
  • (858) 534-9001
  • (858) 822-5999
  • 9500 Gilman Dr.
    Mail Code: 0054
    La Jolla , California 92093

Greetings Sixers! I am Arthur Alvarez (pronouns: he/him/his) and I’m committed to helping you fully engage with the many academic adventures that will shape your experiences at UC San Diego.

My personal adventures have motivated me to become a metaphorical skeleton key that is accessible to all explorers, of all origins, which seek to actualize their personal and academic goals. I am a native Californian and first generation college student that has conquered and collected a Bachelor of Arts in English from Stanford University and a Master of Arts in Postsecondary Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Student Affairs from San Diego State University.

I am an avid reader, a contemporary art enthusiast, and a long-distance runner with a deep respect for nature. I have visited 33 out of 50 U.S. states (as of Fall 2017), and I dream of one day hiking through the Andes Mountains of South America.

The universe is large, and by comparison our lives can sometimes seem small, but in the words of a peculiar Icelandic musician, “it takes courage to enjoy it.” We are happy that you are here and may the force be with you!