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Christina Bond

Academic Advisor

Christina Bond
  • (858) 534-9001
  • (858) 822-5999
  • 9500 Gilman Dr.
    Mail Code: 0054
    La Jolla , California 92093

Hi, I’m Christina and I have been an Academic Advisor at Sixth College, UC San Diego since 2008. As an Academic Advisor, my ultimate goal is to motivate and encourage students in achieving their academic goals while assisting them navigate the logistics required for graduation.

The one piece of advice I would like to share is the following quote,

“Choosing a major is about deciding what you love to study. What will you be interested in reading and writing about for the next 4 years? Choosing a career is about discovering what type of work you love to do. What will you enjoy doing for 40+ hours per week?”

– Dr. Britt Andreatta