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CAT 124 and CAT 198

The Practicum program brings together an interdisciplinary faculty to expound on culture, art, and technology themes through distinct experiential learning opportunities. These classes are offered as CAT 124 and CAT 198 courses and are open to students in all departments and fields. Students must request departmental approval through the Enrollment Authorization System in order to enroll in CAT 124 or CAT 198.

Summer Session I 2020

CAT 124: Capitalist Nature

Amrita Kurian

Teaching Assistant, CAT

Synchronous seminars held Tuesday/Thursday 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

This course studies our cultures' relationship with nature. Particularly, we will explore what scholars call contemporary global capitalism's relationship to nature. What does nature mean to us? How is our understanding of nature shaped by capitalism? These are some of the fundamental theoretical questions we will be asking in this course. Using ethnographies and environmental literature, we will situate these theoretical questions in the emerging environmental crisis in the United States. The course aims to provide students with the toolkit to change the way we think about our immediate surroundings and its fragile ecosystem. Particularly, the course aims to create an awareness of the human cost of our contemporary relationship to our immediate ecosystem. The course encourages students to develop a deeper, more critical appreciation of managing the environmental crises that we are currently facing. Students will have the opportunity to develop and write research projects related to environmental issues that affect their immediate ecosystem.