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Fall 2020 CAT 87 Courses

UC San Diego offers one-unit freshman seminars to provide first-year students with an opportunity to meet with faculty in a small class environment. They are taught by senior UC San Diego faculty and researchers and are limited to twenty students. The seminars are taught by faculty in their fields of expertise and explore topics of intellectual importance. Students participate in critical discussion with a small group of peers and faculty. Topics differ every quarter.

CAT 87: Perception: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Lakshmi Chilukuri

Provost, Sixth College

Seminar Time TBA

This course examines the concept of perception from an interdisciplinary perspective, engaging with how we perceive the world around us and often how we ourselves are perceived. Topics may include (but are not limited to) the physiology of perception, the perception of art, the perception and treatment of health care issues (both physical and mental), and the physics of sound (as it influences our perception). The course features a series of discussions with faculty and staff from across campus and of multiple disciplines, who will share their work and lead discussion. Students are expected to actively participate in seminars, attend potential (on campus) field trips, and complete an online survey including a short reflection.