SmartClassroom Reservation

What is the SmartClassroom?

Sixth College’s SmartClassroom is an academic and pedagogical space for use by CAT courses and Sixth College students.

The SmartClassroom will provide space for Sixth College student organizations and students--during open hours--to work, experiment, and engage with each other in a STEM to STEAM mixed-use and collaborative space. The SmartClassroom extends the principles of Sixth College, a community made up of interdisciplinary majors with diverse backgrounds, and the college’s commitment to fostering and supporting students exploring the intersections of culture, art, and technology.

What is available to you in this space?

  • Computers with Sophos, Fetch (FTP), SSH (via Terminal), Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, XQuartz (X11), Flip4Mac, iTunes, QuickTime, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Preview, iLife, Microsoft Office, Text Editors, Java 8 Runtime Environment, Xcode, StuffIt Expander, MacDjView, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Adobe Flash & Shockwave Players, Java 8 and Microsoft Silverlight software
  • A new sound booth
  • 2 Mac User Guides
  • 1 Standing Keyboard with floor petal
  • 5 Microphones
  • 1 Studio Headphones
  • 1 Mac Computer with keyboard and mouse
  • 1 loose instrument cable
  • 2 RPM3 (Reference Production Monitors)

Who can use the SmartClassroom?

  1. CAT courses (1, 2, 3, 124, and 125/R)
  2. Sixth College Educational Workshops and Programming (for undergraduates) that make use of the technology specific to the room.
  3. Registered Sixth College Student Organizations that make use of the technology in the room.
  4. Open Hours for Sixth College Students (set for each term during Week 1)

To make a reserve the Sound Booth and/or the Smart Classroom, please fill out the reservation form and our TA Coordinator will get back to you as soon as possible

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