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Teaching Assistants

  • Michael Ano

    Michael Ano

    Michael Ano is an artist, curator, and educator. Contemplating the transmission of ideas and its correlative relationship to systems of power, he makes alternative platforms for information distribution, to explore how ideas and people connect to ask whether pedagogical methods can more fully democratize the diffusion of learning, and to conduct critical thought experiments in deconstructing how resources associated with social stratification are codified.

  • Maya Beck

    Maya Beck

    Maya Beck has a BA in Philosophy and Studio Arts and is pursuing a Creative Writing MFA. Born of Bantu people on Kumeyaay land, she is an alum of writing fellowships and programs including VONA, Kimbilio, Tin House, the Loft Literary Center, and more. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in PANK, Water~Stone Review, Strange Horizons, and more.

  • Eugene Chua

    Eugene Chua

    Eugene Chua is a PhD student in Philosophy of Physics and Science, with interests in the philosophical foundations of quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, and quantum gravity, as well as other philosophical issues in scientific methodology. He was born and raised in Singapore, and earned his BA in philosophy from Wolfson College, University of Cambridge.

  • Bobby Edwards

    Bobby Edwards

    Bobby Edwards is from Sacramento, California. His research combines the history of anthropology and Native American political history. Outside of school, Bobby is also a conceptual performance artist and muralist, and is involved with community work.

  • Allison Evans

    Allison Evans

    Allison Evans is an artist and theorist in the Art History, Theory, and Criticism PhD program. Her work and research is concerned with photographic histories, phenomenology, and theories of materialism.

  • Dana Fidler

    Dana Fidler

    Dana Fidler is a writer, musician, and photographer based in Santa Cruz, California and a candidate for the MFA in Writing. Their work stresses anaphoric and cataphoric reference as well as plays with inset images, and confuses poetics, essay, and critique to study matters of noise, dysphoria, perception, queerness, connection, and spacetime.

  • Katie Hale

    Katie Hale

    Katie Hale is a former near-Earth asteroid hunter and PhD candidate in Sociology and Science Studies. She has a background in astronomy, computer science, and queer theory. Her research uses machine learning to track scientific uncertainty in agricultural and ecological risk assessment, in order to better understand how the expression of ignorance functions within the context of public safety and in the creation of new knowledge. She is from Boulder, Colorado, and reads entirely too much science fiction.

  • Zach Hill

    Zach Hill

    Originally from Atlanta, Zach Hill is pursuing a degree in Cultural Studies through the Literature Department. When he has free time, he likes to spend it either reading, watching television and movies, or hiking.

  • Marianna Hovhannisyan

    Marianna Hovhannisyan

    Marianna Hovhannisyan is a research-based curator from Armenia, currently pursuing her PhD degree in Art History, Theory, and Criticism in the Visual Arts Department at UCSD. She works at the intersection of visual culture and contemporary art with the focus on the critical museum and archival studies that converge at the politics of metadata, postcolonial theories, memory studies, and new historiographies. Recent research and curatorial fellowships include the Critical Refugee Studies Collective research award, the Getty Consortium Seminar, the first EU-funded Armenia-Turkey Fellowship by Hrant Dink Foundation, and the Kadist Art Foundation.

  • Tina Hyland

    Tina Hyland

    Tina Hyland is pursuing her MFA in Writing. Her cross-genre work work has appeared or is upcoming in Best American Experimental Writing 2015, BESTIARY: the best of the inaugural demi-decade of A Cappella Zoo, theNewerYork, and other print and online journals.

  • Drew Kerr

    Drew Kerr

    Drew Kerr is a PhD student in Anthropology trying to imagine new futures in spaces of chronic violence. His questions are particularly inspired by poetries, stories, and the everyday across South Asia.

  • Milana Kostic

    Milana Kostic

    Milana Kostic is a PhD student in Philosophy. Her current research interests lie at the intersection of natural language semantics, formal epistemology, and philosophical logic. Before coming to UCSD she obtained an MA in Logic and Philosophy of Science at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy at LMU Munich and a BA in Philosophy at the University of Belgrade.

  • Yiqing Li

    Yiqing Li

    Yiqing Li is a fourth-year PhD student in Art History at UCSD. Prior to joining UCSD, she studied art history, theory, and criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) with an emphasis on western modern and contemporary art history. Her research projects have been concentrated on transcultural circulations of art works and art concepts. Her papers were published in the art journal New Visions and were presented at the Getty Research Institute, University of Delaware, and Association of Asian Studies at Denver, among others. Her translation of Chinese Landscape Painting as Western Art History authored by James Elkins was recently published.

  • Philomena Lopez Rivas

    Philomena Lopez Rivas

    Philomena Lopez Rivas is a doctoral student in the Art History, Theory, and Criticism program at UCSD. Her specializations are in Chicano and Latin American art. She earned her BA in Art History from UCLA in 2015 where she was a Ronald E. McNair Research Scholar. Prior to joining the department at UCSD, she worked and interned at various Los Angeles-area art institutions including the Fowler Museum at UCLA, the Hammer Museum, the Armory Center for the Arts, and El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument.

  • Neon Mashurov

    Neon Mashurov

    Neon Mashurov is a writer from New York City and the post-Soviet diaspora, working across poetry, music writing, zines, and events. Their work and research explores collectivity, utopias and dystopias, and queer and trans intimacies and legacies of care, especially in relation to the ambient violence of the surveillance state. They are currently pursuing an MFA in cross-genre writing at UCSD.

  • Manel Palos Pons

    Manel Palos Pons

    Manel Palos Pons is a PhD Student in the Communication department. He is originally from Barcelona, Spain and his field is political communication. He is very interested in politics, journalism, cultural industries, and technology, among other things.

  • Damini Pant

    Damini Pant

    Damini Pant is an Anthropology PhD student interested in studying upper caste Hindu communities in Kumaon, India. Before coming to UCSD she received her MPhil in Women’s Studies from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She can usually be found thinking of, cooking, and/or consuming food; longing for the hills; and hoping for rain.

  • Siloh Radovsky

    Siloh Radovsky

    Siloh Radovsky came to San Diego from Minneapolis via Olympia to pursue her MFA in Writing at UCSD. She writes personal essays, experimental prose, and graphic narratives; her work focuses on medicine, psychiatry, objectivity, and spiritual praxis in the context of neoliberalism and ecological despair.

  • Makenzie Read

    Makenzie Read

    Makenzie Read holds degrees in Electronics Technology and Literature/Creative Writing. In addition to her ten years of experience as a computers and electronics technician, a field service and technical support department head, a database manager, and a networking specialist for both government and private sectors, she is currently pursuing a PhD in Comparative Literature, focusing on literary theory through the utilization of literatures in ancient and modern Greek, Spanish, and English.

  • McKenzie Ross

    McKenzie Ross

    McKenzie Ross, a Salt Lake City domestic and recent import from Oregon, is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing. She enjoys reflexive literature, making squelchy synthesizer sounds, and espousing the merits of the cowbell.

  • Valerie Saiag

    Valerie Saiag

    Valerie Saiag's research interests include Latin American art with an interdisciplinary emphasis on Andean history, religious practices, indigenous documentation and representations, and their intersections with Europe and the European art world.

  • Jess Silbaugh-Cowdin

    Jess Silbaugh-Cowdin (she/they) is a queer nonbinary PhD student in Cultural Studies at UCSD. She studies theories of affect and emotion through emergent strategies in visionary and radical forms of contemporary speculative fiction and film.

  • Jasper Sussman

    Jasper Sussman

    Jasper Sussman is an artist-scholar pursuing her PhD in Music: Integrative Studies. Her recent work focuses around the myriads of expressive capabilities that the human voice possesses, and understanding these sounds on musical, cultural, pedagogical, and scientific levels. She has taught music, writing, and wellness-related courses for a number of years, and is excited to continue teaching in the CAT program this year.

  • Adriana Tosun

    Adriana Tosun

    Adriana Tosun is an artist and educator pursuing her MFA in Writing in the Literature Department; her multimedia work, which tends to investigate systems of identity, has been published in a variety of online and print journals and has been performed and installed in New York and London. Otherwise, she plays roller derby.

  • Alissa Tu

    Alissa Tu

    Alissa Tu was born and raised in Olympia, Washington but is pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing. Her work grapples with the Vietnamese American experience, language, and street dance. You can find her running around campus in heels or starting monologues about Washingtonian coffee.

  • Evelyn Vasquez

    Evelyn Vasquez

    Evelyn Vasquez is from Lincoln Heights in Los Angeles, California. Her research interest is in post-colonial theory and literature, immigrant and inner-city literature, socioeconomic mobility, and representations of the home in urban and rural spaces presented in literature and in urban studies (planning for low-income housing and communities).

  • Wambui Wainaina

    Wambui Wainaina

    Wambui Wainaina is a writer from Kenya, currently pursuing an MFA in Writing at UCSD. She received her BA in Mimesis and Postcoloniality at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study.