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Practicum FAQ

Practicum Policies

Can I take my Practicum course as pass/no pass?

You are allowed to take your Practicum course as pass/no pass as long as you are not also using the class for any of your major requirements, since major departments typically require that all courses for their requirements be taken for a letter grade. You must also make sure that taking the class as pass/no pass will not cause you to exceed the 25% pass/no pass unit maximum, meaning that no more than a quarter of your total units can be taken as pass/no pass and all others must be taken for a letter grade.

When will my degree audit be updated with my Practicum credit?

If you are taking a course that does not automatically fulfill the Practicum and required a proposal, your degree audit will be updated to reflect completion of your Practicum requirement the quarter after you complete the class as we must wait for grades to be finalized before we begin manually awarding Practicum credit.

Can I get Practicum credit for a project I did if I never submitted a proposal?

We do not allow any retroactive credit, which means that we are unfortunately not able to accept work that was previously completed but not proposed for the Practicum. Practicum proposals must be submitted before the project is begun, not during the course of the quarter or after it’s completed.

Sixth College Classes

How do I take CAT 124 or CAT 198 for my Practicum?

Students must request departmental approval through the Enrollment Authorization System in order to enroll in CAT 124 or CAT 198.

Departmental Courses

Do I need to submit a Practicum proposal if I’m taking a class from the departmental course list?

If you are taking a class from the departmental course list, you will not need to submit a proposal in order to use that course for your Practicum. All you will need to do is successfully pass the class and the requirement will be automatically cleared on your degree audit.

Can I get Practicum credit for a class I’m also taking for my major or minor?

You are allowed to overlap your major or minor requirements with the Practicum, meaning that you can take a single class to fulfill multiple requirements. This means that if you take a class from the departmental course list, it would automatically clear your Practicum as well as any requirements for your major or minor it might satisfy as long as the department also permits this overlap.

Can I take a class from the departmental course list even if it’s not for my major?

You are welcome to take any class from the departmental course list, even if it is not in your major department. You are not restricted to your own field when choosing a Practicum project to complete.

AIP Internships

Can I get Practicum credit for my internship?

It is sometimes possible for students to receive academic credit for off-campus internships through the Academic Internship Program. If your internship meets the AIP criteria, you will enroll in an AIP 197 course to receive course credit for your work. Your AIP 197 credit will then be automatically applied to your Practicum requirement and it will not be necessary for you to submit a Practicum proposal.

Special Study Projects

Can I take a 198 or 199 course for my Practicum?

Special studies like 198 and 199 courses can be used to satisfy the Practicum if they meet all of the Practicum criteria. You would need to submit a Practicum proposal by Friday of Week 8 of the quarter before you plan to begin your special study in order to determine if it can be used to fulfill your Practicum requirement. Your proposal will then be reviewed to ensure that it is Practicum-eligible and you will be notified about whether or not it has been approved by Week 10 of that quarter.

Study Abroad Programs

Can I fulfill my Practicum while studying abroad?

If you would like to study abroad to fulfill your Practicum, you will need to take a class that involves the hands-on, experiential learning required by the Practicum. If you find a course that has that component, you will need to obtain a syllabus for it and submit it to the Practicum Advisor for review. Bring the syllabus in during Practicum walk-in advising hours so that it can be considered for Practicum eligibility. If the class is found to meet all of the criteria for a Practicum project, you will then need to submit a Practicum proposal during the quarter before you go abroad in order to ensure that you receive Practicum credit for your study abroad coursework.


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