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Practicum Proposal

The Practicum proposal is an online form that must be submitted by students planning to participate in a special study project or a study abroad program for their Practicum requirement. Students who take a Sixth College class can request departmental approval to register through the Enrollment Authorization System. Students who take a departmental course or complete an AIP internship will automatically receive Practicum credit and do not need to propose their projects.

The proposal allows the Practicum staff to review courses that have not previously been screened for Practicum eligibility to ensure they meet the Practicum criteria. Proposals must be submitted by Friday of Week 8 of the quarter before the Practicum project is begun to give the program staff time to go through each form before the end of the quarter. Notices about the status of each student's proposal are sent out through the Virtual Advising Center by the end of Week 10 of that quarter.

For Practicum projects that require a proposal, students can access the online proposal system below. The system opens on Monday of Week 3 each quarter and closes on Friday of Week 8. All proposals for the next quarter must be submitted by the end of the day that Friday.

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