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Student Spotlights

Megan Wang, Lab Research

Clinical Psychology student Megan Wang shares her experience as an undergraduate research assistant at the Veterans' Affairs hospital and the ways in which it has helped prepare her for academic and career success.

Max Adams, Campus Internship

Communication Studies major Max Adams shares their experiential learning memories of interning at the LGBTQIA+ Living Learning Community in Muir College.

Brasilia Perez, Study Abroad

Environmental Systems student Brasilia Perez discusses her experience studying abroad in Argentina and why she thinks all Sixth College students should take advantage of experiential learning while at UCSD.

Katlyn Newman, Educational Tutoring

"When I first looked at the requirements for Sixth College general education, the Practicum project worried me because I had no clue what I was going to do for it. As a transfer student, I knew I had to figure it out fast but the idea of a hands-on project seemed challenging as I was only used to taking traditional academic classes. It wasn't until I read an e-mail from the Partners at Learning program at UCSD that I knew what I was going to do. With this program, I took a class called EDS 130/139 which met both my Practicum project and DEI class requirements. There are many different classes to choose from but this one allowed me to mentor two students in an underserved elementary school.

This class had both a field experience and an actual class component. The class was very beneficial as it taught me how to best mentor my mentees and how to help them overcome the challenges they were facing. It also taught me all the different reasons why a child may be struggling in school and why they could benefit from additional one-on-one help. During the first class, I was assigned two students who were in third grade. When I first met them, I learned that they were vastly different from one another. One of my mentees did not want to talk to me because she was struggling with social anxiety and a lack of confidence in herself. Throughout the ten weeks, I worked with her on trying to build her confidence and help her realize that she could do whatever she wanted. My second mentee had a ton of energy and loved being social with everyone around him. This often became a distraction when it came to doing his school work, so my goal with him was to help him learn self-control.

Even though I only had ten weeks with both of them, I was able to see them grow and work towards these goals I had set. In the end, my mentee with social anxiety became more comfortable talking to me and showing off her personality. My other mentee became more focused in class and learned to raise his hand before asking questions.

This class taught me a lot about the educational system and how it can fail students coming from difficult home lives. What I love about this program is that it helps these students by offering them the one-on-one attention they need. This program also encourages them to start thinking about college as many of them are unaware that this is a possibility for them. So, if you like working with kids and want to help them better their education then I highly recommend taking a class with the PAL program to fulfill your Practicum project requirement."


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