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Practicum Tracks

There are a variety of ways to fulfill the Practicum available to students to take advantage of. These options include the following four tracks:

  • Coursework, either through Sixth College or a major department
  • Internships offered through the Academic Internship Program
  • Research done through special study projects; and
  • Study abroad opportunities

Refer to the chart below to find out more about how to pursue your chosen track, and click on each step to navigate to appropriate page:

Sixth College Classes

CAT 124 and 198 courses are hosted by Sixth College. These classes are typically small (between five and thirty students) and taught by professors from varying disciplines. 

Learn more about past and future Sixth College Practicum courses!

Departmental Courses

Students can take Practicum-eligible classes in almost any department. These courses may overlap with requirements for a major or minor, but not other with Sixth College general education requirements.

Learn more about Practicum-approved departmental courses!

AIP Internships

Students can complete internships for course credit through the Academic Internship Program. When considering an internship opportunity, keep in mind that you will need to apply to AIP and meet their submission deadlines.

Learn more about participating in AIP for Practicum credit!

Special Study Projects

Special studies require students to seek out a faculty advisor to supervise a group study (198) or independent study (199) course. Students must get both departmental and college approval for their research plan.

Learn more about completing a special study for Practicum credit!

Study Abroad Programs

Students can satisfy the Practicum while studying abroad by participating in a service-oriented project. Practicum opportunities will vary between programs and universities and must be approved in advance by the college.

Learn more about studying abroad for Practicum credit!


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