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Study Abroad Programs

Studying abroad allows students to learn by doing in another country and the Practicum gives them the opportunity to research, intern, or serve while abroad. Many resources exist to help students plan their study abroad experience, and students can work with the Practicum Advisor to make sure they receive Practicum credit for their coursework.

Students thinking about studying abroad should follow the steps given below for completing the Practicum at the same time. Information on study abroad scholarships, resources, and courses previously approved for Practicum credit can be found below as well.

In order to receive Practicum credit for a study abroad program, students must submit a Practicum proposal by Friday of Week 8 of the quarter before they plan to take their chosen study abroad course.

Find out how to study abroad!


Utilize these resources to find the study abroad program that best fits your needs, learn how to take part in it, and get help paying for it.

  • Practicum Study Abroad Course List: See what kinds of study abroad classes have previously been approved for Practicum credit.

  • Work, Intern, and Volunteer Abroad: Find out how to get involved in a hands-on, experiential learning opportunity while abroad.

  • Finances: Read about funding your study abroad experience on the Study Abroad website.

  • Scholarships: Look through the different types of scholarships available to you and search several scholarship databases.


Follow these steps to see if your chosen study abroad program is Practicum-eligible, and to make sure you receive Practicum credit for it! Remember that in addition to these steps, you will need to complete any application or verification process required by the program you select.

  • Research study abroad programs: Find the right study abroad opportunity for you by researching the many different options available to UCSD students and thinking about how they would work with your major and general education requirements. If you would like to complete your Practicum while you are abroad, you will need to look for classes that have a hands-on, experiential learning component and ensure that they will transfer back to UCSD as four units of upper-division credit.

  • Review coursework for Practicum eligibility: Once you've found a course or program that could be a potential Practicum project, you'll need to have it reviewed for Practicum eligibility. Contact the Practicum Advisor through the Virtual Advising Center at to begin this process.

  • Submit Practicum proposal: If your study abroad coursework is found to be Practicum-eligible, you will then need to submit a Practicum proposal by Friday of Week 8 of the quarter before you go abroad. You will be notified if your proposal has been approved by the end of Week 10 of that quarter.

  • Complete study abroad experience: Travel, learn, and have lots of fun! Just make sure to pass your Practicum class and have your study abroad coursework transferred back to UCSD.

  • Receive Practicum credit: Once your UCSD transcript is updated with your study abroad credits, your degree audit will be updated to reflect completion of your Practicum requirement.


Contact the Virtual Advising Center: