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Practicum Excellence Award

Research has shown that all types of experiential learning, including service-learning, help students acquire essential leadership skills, improve their communication skills, increase self-awareness, and enhance multicultural and global understanding. Employers are more likely to hire college graduates who have engaged in some type of practical work, community service, or volunteerism. The Practicum Excellence Award is an opportunity to honor exemplary students from Sixth College who have participated in a Practicum that engaged and contributed to an academic, professional, or community group in a significant way.

Read about this year's recipients of the Practicum Excellence Award!


Students who have completed their Practicum requirement in the last academic year are eligible to apply and receive the Practicum Excellence Award. In order to apply students must submit the materials listed below to by the specified deadline at the end of each school year.

  • A one thousand-word essay describing your Practicum project, the contribution it has made, and its connection to your personal and professional goals.
  • A letter of support from a UCSD faculty member explaining how your Practicum experience positively impacted the group with which you were engaged.
  • Sample work from your Practicum course, including photos, portfolios, projects, and presentations.


Students who are selected to receive the Practicum Excellence Award are given the following prizes.

  • A $75 award deposited into your student account.
  • An invitation to a Provost's reception where you will be presented with a certificate of achievement.
  • Special Sixth College recognition at the commencement ceremony.


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