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Sixth College believes that experiential learning is essential to preparing students for life after college. The Practicum is an upper-division, four-unit general education requirement that embodies this commitment to active, hands-on learning. Students enroll in courses that have a service-learning or community-oriented component to the curriculum.

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Although many classes contain aspects of the project-based learning and academic research approach encompassed by the Practicum program, a course must meet the following criteria in order to be considered and approved for Practicum eligibility.

  • Faculty supervision.
  • Four units of upper-division credit.
  • Ten hours of work each week for ten weeks, or a total of one hundred hours of work.
  • A final project such as a paper, presentation, or performance.


In order to be eligible to fulfill the Practicum requirement, students must keep the following logistical details in mind while planning when to participate in a Practicum project.

  • Students must have completed at least ninety units before taking a Practicum course.
  • The Practicum can be done before, while, or after taking CAT 125 or CAT 125R.
  • A Practicum class may be as taken pass/no pass.
  • Retroactive credit is not accepted.


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