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Frequently Asked Questions



Addresses and Mailboxes

  • How do I know what my address is? How do I get mail and packages sent to campus?

    • Your campus address is:
      • Your Name
        9450 Gilman Dr. # _ _ _ _ _ (mailbox #)
        La Jolla, Ca 92092- _ _ _ _ (Last four numbers of mailbox)
    • Your mailbox number can be found on your QwikPass, which is accessible at the beginning of September on the Room Assignment website. If you have forgotten the number that was on your QwikPass, come to the Res Life office with your ID and we will be able to look it up for you.
    • When mailing items, please put the address as shown. If you receive a package, you will be notified by email.  The email will indicate where to pick up your package.
  • I know my mailbox number, but how do I get my combination?

    • You must complete your online Room Inventory Form in order to get your mailbox combination. Once you complete the form, come to the Res Life Office, we will verify that you have completed the form, and will issue you your combination.
  • I have my combo, but I can't open my mailbox! What can I do?

    • First, make sure you are following the instructions to open it as directed on the combo card. 
      1. Spin the dial a few times to the LEFT to clear the combo and STOP at the first number of the combination.
      2. Turning back to the RIGHT, pass the second number once, then stop on the number the second time
      3. Go LEFT, straight to the third number.
      4. Turn RIGHT and pull to open.
    • If it still doesn't open, please have friends or an RA try to open it. When no one else can open it or when it is obviously broken (e.g., dial pushed in, door hanging off), come into the Res Life office to put in a request to get your box repaired. 
    • Students can also put in a request to get their box repaired by clicking here.
    • Repairs typically take a week to complete. There will be a note on your mailbox, saying that it has been repaired and that you need to pick up a new combo from the Sixth Res Life office.

Lock Outs

  • What happens if I get locked out?

    • If you get locked out between 8am to 9p, please come to the Res Life office to check out a courtesy key for your bedroom or a temp card for your suite/apartment door.
    • If you get locked out after 9p and before 8am, call the UC Police Department at 858-534-4357 (HELP). 
    • Residents’ student accounts will be charged a $25 fee for each request to cover the cost of dispatching staff and for the administrative cost associated with the service. There is no grace period, appeal process, or fee waiving exception to after-hours requests.
  • I've lost my key/ID! What do I do now?

    • If you've lost your bedroom key or your ID, come to the Res Life office.
      • For bedroom keys, you will be given your courtesy key as a replacement and your student account will be billed $10. This means that until we get a replacement for the courtesy cabinet, you will not have an extra key in case if you get locked out. Please be extra careful during the two weeks after losing your key and let your roommates know also.
      • For lost ID, you will be given a temporary keycard, but will need to go to the 3rd floor of Student Services and buy a new ID card.  Once you have your new ID, you'll need to come back to the Res Life Office to get it re-encoded.

Maintenance and Custodial

  • My lightbulb is out! The sink is dripping! Our window screen is torn! I need...

    • For repairs or supply needs, please click on the "Fix It" button on the right panel of this webpage.  If it is an emergency maintenance situation (e.g., flooding), call HDH Customer Service immediately at 858-534-2600 and put in a work order. Requests are addressed in priority order.Please refer to the Maintenance website for further information on the services provided.
  • What services does Custodial provide?

    • In the Residence Halls and the Apartments, Custodial will vacuum the common ares, clean the bathrooms, restock toilet paper, and clean the laundry rooms. Additionally, they will wipe down and sweep the kitchen in the apartments.It is the student's responsibility to empty the trash and recycling.
    • Please refer to the Housekeeping information on the Housing*Dining*Hospitality website for more detailed information.


The Sixth College Parcel Center, located on the Lodge Quad, accepts packages from most carriers.  

  • I'm having something shipped to me. What address do I use and what packages come to the office?

    • Address Form:
      • Your Name
        9450 Gilman Dr. # _ _ _ _ _ _ (mailbox #)
        La Jolla, Ca 92092- _ _ _ _ (Last four numbers of mailbox)
  • How will I be notified that my package has arrived?

    • You will be notified via email. If you have not received an email to your UCSD email address, then the Sixth College Parcel Center does not have your package.
  • What about normal mail, like letters and postcards?

    • Normal mail is sorted and delivered to your mailbox every weekday by 4p. Please check your mailbox daily.
  • Can I send a package from the Sixth College Parcel Center?

    • You may reject a package or return to sender, but the Sixth College Parcel Center does not ship packages.

Pest Management and Control

  • If you find gnats, roaches, fleas, ants, silverfish, spiders, bees, or other pests in your room, please follow the instructions on the Environment, Health, & Safety website for Pest Control.
  • If you have repeated ant invasions or have problems with mice or rats, and would like a routine check up of your room or suite, please fill out and submit a Pest Control Request form.

Posting Policy

Sixth College's regulations regarding posting on campus.

(Revised 8/15/2006)

Sixth College recognizes that the effective promotion of Sixth College and UCSD activities and events is an important aspect of building community and, thereby, enriching the undergraduate experience. Additionally, the College strives to provide an educational environment that is aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, the college encourages groups and individuals to consider the impact that their promotional materials may have on the quality of the educational environment for others and strongly encourages that those who post to become familiar with the ideals expressed in the  UCSD Principles of Community.

General guidelines

Posting in the Sixth College facilities must be in compliance with the  UCSD Policy on the Distribution, Posting, and Exhibiting of Non-Commercial Literature on University Property. All materials posted in public areas must be approved by Sixth College. Materials posted in public areas in the residential facilities require approval of the Resident Dean (or his/ her designee). Materials posted in other public areas within Sixth College require approval of the Dean of Student Affairs (or his/ her designee). Materials are considered approved when they have been stamped as such by the appropriate Sixth College official.

Posting requirements

  • Posting is permitted only by registered Sixth College and UCSD student organizations and University units.
  • Publicity materials  must contain information about the sponsoring organization(s) as well as the date, time, and location of the event.
  • Postings must be removed within 24 hours following the publicized event. (Any tape, pins and/or staples used to post must also be removed.) Sixth College reserves the right to remove any posted materials that have been posted for more than one week. Additionally, the College reserves the right to remove posted materials at the end of the academic quarter and Summer Session.
  • Postings must conform to the size requirements detailed below.
  • Only one posting of any kind is permitted in any posting location. Posting is permitted on a  first-come, first-served basis, and existing postings may not be removed or covered by new ones.
  • Only "safe release" painters' tape (aka "blue tape") may be used to post flyers and posters. Other tapes will damage the surfaces of walls and buildings. Flyers posted on bulletin boards may be attached with staples, pushpins, or blue tape. A role of blue tape must be presented prior to getting publicity approved.
Types of postings

  • Flyers must not be larger than 11" x 17" in size.
  • Posters must not be larger than 3' x 3' in size.
  • Banners must not be larger than 10' x 3' in size.
  • Chalking is not permitted at Sixth College or UCSD.

NOTE: Posting is not permitted on windows, doors, sidewalks, floors, banisters, railings, stairs, or walls of any residential facility.

Posting locations:

Location Permitted postings Approval required by
Open bulletin boards in  exterior locations on the second floor of Pepper Canyon Hall Flyers Dean of Student Affairs
South-facing railing on second floor of  exterior of Pepper Canyon Hall Posters and banners Dean of Student Affairs
South-facing railing on second floor of  interior of Pepper Canyon Hall courtyard Posters and banners Dean of Student Affairs
Sixth College Commuter Center bulletin board Flyers Dean of Student Affairs
Digital Playroom bulletin board in Pepper Canyon Hall Flyers Dean of Student Affairs
North-facing wall of Gilman Parking Structure, behind bicycle racks Posters and banners Dean of Student Affairs
West side of kiosk located on north side of Gilman Parking Structure Flyers Dean of Student Affairs
Resident Advisor-maintained bulletin boards  inside of the residential facilities. 20 flyers should be provided to the main Residential Life Office; RAs will post these flyers at their discretion. Flyers Resident Dean
Residence Hall  Quad Laundry Room bulletin board Flyers Resident Dean
Dogg House bulletin board above mailboxes Flyers Resident Dean
Residence Hall Quad kiosk, located at southwest corner of the Dogg House Flyers Resident Dean
Sixth College Apartments laundry rooms bulletin boards Flyers Resident Dean
Bulletin board located on rear side of The Lodge Flyers Resident Dean
Poster clips located on front side of The Lodge Posters Resident Dean
Poster clips located on front side of main Residential Life Office, Sixth College Apartments area Posters Resident Dean
Posting policy violations:

Failure to adhere to this posting policy may result in any or all of the following actions:

  • Removal and disposal of postings
  • Violations by UCSD student organizations or individuals reported to the Office of Student Conduct
  • Suspension of posting privileges for a defined period of time
Other posting policies and guidelines:

Room Changes and Waitlists

New students' first room assignments are made by the Office of Residential Life on the basis of information provided when they returned their housing contract and confirmation payment to the Office of Housing Administration. During succeeding years at the University, students will have the opportunity to select their own rooms and roommates through the annual Spring Room Selection process.

Changing rooms should be seen as the last alternative when disagreements or differences in lifestyles or values arise between roommates. Most differences can be worked out if roommates communicate openly with each other. Resident Assistants have been trained in mediation and will be happy to help students work out their differences. The Director of Residence Life and Assistant Director of Residence Life are also available to help resolve roommate issues.

Should you desire a room switch, please utilize the Housing Portal to be placed on the Room Change Interest List. Depending on the housing demand, you may be placed on a waitlist for your preference.

Room Reservation

The Sixth College Residence Life Office offers several spaces to hold events and meetings.  Please read the "Room Reservation Guidelines" and "Facility Usage Policies" to learn how you may go about reserving a space.  After reading the policies, click on the "Room Reservation" button on the right panel of this page.  

Summer Res Life Office Hours

Monday - Friday

8:00AM - 12:00PM and 1:00PM-4:30PM

Saturday and Sunday


Residence Life, (map to come)


Residence Life Office
(858) 822-5268


UCSD Police: (858) 534-4357