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Policies and Procedures


At UC San Diego, we believe you will find living on campus is an integral part of your education. As a result of your community living experience, we hope that you will develop a concern and respect for others; make responsible choices and decisions about a lifestyle which suits you best; share your academic, social, and cultural experience with other students; and learn to live peacefully in close quarters with a diverse group of people. We encourage you to work toward developing a positive involvement in your community, based on your rights and responsibilities as a resident living on campus.

Please be aware that as part of your housing contract, everyone who chooses to live in our residence communities must abide by the rules and regulations of UCSD, including, but not limited to, the UCSD Student Conduct Code, the UCSD RESNET Acceptable Use Policy, all applicable local, state, and federal laws, and the Housing and Residence Life policies outlined below. All of these guidelines are here to establish a safe and secure living environment and to support your success as a UCSD student. Any student who anticipates or observes a potential violation of policy is expected to immediately remove themselves from the environment in which the violation may occur. One's presence during any violation of University or Housing policy ultimately condones, supports, and/or encourages the behavior or potential violation of policy.

It is important to realize that students living in a group environment affect each other's lives in many ways.  We strongly believe that one's actions demonstrate one's commitment to respecting differences. In addition, we will not accept ignorance, humor, anger, alcohol or substance abuse as an excuse, reason, or rationale for behavior. Certain shared responsibilities such as mutual cooperation, inclusion, and respect are integral to any successful group living situation. It also means accepting personal responsibility for how your everyday actions affect others living with you as roommates and neighbors. Establishing a positive and supportive residence environment means each individual must make occasional adjustments in personal habits, attitudes, and beliefs. Successful on-campus living, whether in the residence halls or apartments, means exercising your rights while recognizing your responsibilities in respecting the equally legitimate rights of the other members in your community.

Housing and Residence Life Policies

Posting Policy

(We ask for patience in our office updating the information below as part of the North Torrey Pines Living Learning Neighborhood).


Sixth College recognizes that the effective promotion of Sixth College and UCSD activities and events is an important aspect of building community and, thereby, enriching the undergraduate experience. Additionally, the College strives to provide an educational environment that is aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, the college encourages groups and individuals to consider the impact that their promotional materials may have on the quality of the educational environment for others and strongly encourages that those who post to become familiar with the ideals expressed in the  UCSD Principles of Community.

General guidelines

Posting in the Sixth College facilities must be in compliance with the  UCSD Policy on the Distribution, Posting, and Exhibiting of Non-Commercial Literature on University Property. All materials posted in public areas must be approved by Sixth College. Materials posted in public areas in the residence facilities require approval of the Director of Residence Life (or their designee at the ResLife Front Desk ). Materials posted in other public areas within Sixth College require approval of the Dean of Student Affairs (or their designee at the Hub Front Desk). Materials are considered approved when they have been stamped as such by the appropriate Sixth College official.

Posting requirements

  • Posting is permitted only by registered Sixth College and UCSD student organizations and University units.
  • Publicity materials  must contain information about the sponsoring organization(s) as well as the date, time, and location of the event.
  • Postings must be removed within 24 hours following the publicized event. (Any tape, pins and/or staples used to post must also be removed.) Sixth College reserves the right to remove any posted materials that have been posted for more than one week. Additionally, the College reserves the right to remove posted materials at the end of the academic quarter and Summer Session.
  • Postings must conform to the size requirements detailed below.
  • Only one posting of any kind is permitted in any posting location. Posting is permitted on a  first-come, first-served basis, and existing postings may not be removed or covered by new ones.  ResLife only accepts 30 posters for the RA's to choose to post in their communities.  
  • Only "safe release" painters' tape (aka "blue tape") may be used to post flyers and posters. Other tapes will damage the surfaces of walls and buildings. Flyers posted on bulletin boards may be attached with staples, pushpins, or blue tape. A role of blue tape must be presented prior to getting publicity approved.

Types of postings

  • Flyers must not be larger than 11" x 17" in size.
  • Posters must not be larger than 3' x 3' in size.
  • Banners must not be larger than 10' x 3' in size.
  • Chalking is permitted only on sidewalks of the university grounds that are exposed to
    weather elements and not covered by a roof or overhang.  The material used to mark sidewalks must be water-soluble stick chalk. The use of markers, paints, oil-based products, sprayable chalk, or other types of markers or liquids is prohibited. 

NOTE: Posting is not permitted on windows, doors, sidewalks, floors, banisters, railings, stairs, or walls of any residence facility.

Posting locations:

Location Permitted postings Approval required by
Open bulletin boards in  exterior locations on the second floor of Pepper Canyon Hall Flyers Hub Front Desk
South-facing railing on second floor of  exterior of Pepper Canyon Hall Posters and banners Hub Front Desk
South-facing railing on second floor of  interior of Pepper Canyon Hall courtyard Posters and banners Hub Front Desk
Sixth College Commuter Center bulletin board Flyers Hub Front Desk
Digital Playroom bulletin board in Pepper Canyon Hall Flyers Hub Front Desk
North-facing wall of Gilman Parking Structure, behind bicycle racks Posters and banners Hub Front Desk
West side of kiosk located on north side of Gilman Parking Structure Flyers Hub Front Desk
Resident Assistant-maintained bulletin boards  inside of the residence facilities. 30 flyers should be provided to the main Residence Life Office; RAs will post these flyers at their discretion. Flyers ResLife Front Desk
Residence Hall  Quad Laundry Room bulletin board Flyers ResLife Front Desk
Dogg House bulletin board above mailboxes Flyers ResLife Front Desk
Residence Hall Quad kiosk, located at southwest corner of the Dogg House Flyers ResLife Front Desk
Sixth College Apartments laundry rooms bulletin boards Flyers ResLife Front Desk
Bulletin board located on rear side of The Lodge Flyers ResLife Front Desk
Poster clips located on front side of The Lodge Posters ResLife Front Desk
Poster clips located on front side of main Residence Life Office, Sixth College Apartments area Posters ResLife Front Desk

Posting policy violations:

Failure to adhere to this posting policy may result in any or all of the following actions:

  • Removal and disposal of postings
  • Violations by UCSD student organizations reported to College, Office of Student Conduct, and/or CSI.
  • Suspension of posting privileges for a defined period of time

Other posting policies and guidelines:

Important Housing Dates and Information


Sixth College Handbook

The Sixth College Residence Life Handbook is a completely electronic resource. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with it.

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