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Juleane Johnson

Housing Life and Media Coordinator

Welcome to Sixth College, Sixers! My name is Juleane Johnson and I am the Housing Life and Media Coordinator as part of the team in place to support your residential and collegiate experience at UC San Diego.

Raised in San Diego, UCSD was the very first college campus I ever stepped foot on. The Bay Area, however, is my second home as I earned my Creative Arts degree at San José State University. My pursuits in obtaining a graduate degree involve Student Affairs and Development, Higher Education Leadership, Career Readiness, Community and College Counseling. My professional experience and background began as a Summerbridge San Diego Junior Teacher and I've continued to be active in student development and support services ever since. It baffles me how life seems to have come full circle as I am so elated and grateful to be a member of UC San Diego in this capacity.

I am so excited for all of you, what you'll do, what you'll change, what progress will come from your thoughts, pursuits and efforts. College will be an experience like no other, embrace it! The more you learn, the more you'll realize there's even MORE to learn. As you chart your own philosophy, you are choosing how you will make an impact on those around you and beyond. Your ideas, convictions, and aspirations will continue to evolve as you discover and explore both in your personal and educational journeys.

Let's get started!