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Grace Fuller

Outreach Coordinator for International & Out-of-State Students

Grace Fuller, graduated from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, emphasis in Intercultural Communication, and minor in Religion. Originally from Chicago, she has spent a year studying abroad in Florence, Italy, as well as a year teaching abroad at JiangHan University in Wuhan, China. Throughout her career in higher education, she has focused on how we all operate out of our own culture as well as how diversity enriches communities and provides opportunities to learn. She has experience as a Resident Advisor, International Resident Advisor, College Lecturer and Resident Director, and has worked directly with American students abroad as well as international students abroad. Grace is excited to be at UC San Diego to foster and facilitate community and learning opportunities for international and out-of-state students!

Grace, who is serving the Sixth, Warren, and Revelle College communities, is located in Sixth College, Pepper Canyon Hall, Room 218.