Academic Advising Staff

Sixth College Advising Staff

At Sixth College, our academic advising mission is to develop personal and caring relationships with students and to help them achieve their educational, career, and life goals.

Academic Advisors Are Here To:

  • Give you academic guidance and encouragement
  • Help you feel you are a part of the academic community
  • Help you develop personal and career goals and become a lifelong learner
  • Help you become an effective global citizen in the 21st Century


Peer Advisors

Mike Lychen

Major: Cognitive Science w/ Specialization in Machine Learning & Neurocomputation
Graduating Quarter: Spring 2020
Hometown: Moreno Valley, CA
Began Sixth College Peer Advising: Fall 2018
Co-curricular Activities: 
Career Goals: 

Shayna Quach

Major: Psychology/Cognitive Psych
Graduating Quarter: Spring 2019
Hometown:  Alhambra, CA
Began Sixth College Peer Advising: Fall 2018
Co-curricular Activities: Research Assistant at Positive Emotion and Anxiety Research Lab, Volunteer at Scripps Memorial Hospital, President of Vietnamese Student Association
Career Goals: Health, Occupational Therapy

Natalie Duran

Major: Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience
Graduating Quarter: Winter 2021
Hometown:  Ontario, CA
Began Sixth College Peer Advising: Fall 2018
Co-curricular Activities: UCSD StRIVE
Career Goals: Anesthesiologist

Benicia Chiang

Major: General Biology
Minor: Environmental Studies
Graduating Quarter: Spring 2020
Began Sixth College Peer Advising: Fall 2018
Co-curricular Activities: Alpha Chi Omega, Structural and Chemical Biology Intern at Celgene Corporation
Career Goals: Biopharmaceutical research or marketing