Sixth College CAT Courses

CAT 1 courses (fall quarter, four units) teach critical reading and drafting by examining how culture, art, and technology have intersected in the past. Please note that in order to enroll in CAT 1, you must have either completed the Entry Level Writing Requirement or be concurrently enrolled in AWP 1 during the fall quarter. For questions about concurrently enrolling in CAT 1 and AWP 1, please contact the Undergraduate Instruction Coordinator, Lynette Brossard.

CAT 2 courses (winter quarter, six units) are writing intensive, foregrounding argumentation, revision, and writing as process by examining case studies of culture, art, and technology interacting in the present moment. Please note that in order to enroll in CAT 2, you must have completed the Entry Level Writing Requirement and passed CAT 1.

CAT 3 courses (spring quarter, six units) are writing and research intensive, focusing on collaboration, research, and art-making by speculating on how the relationships between culture, art, and technology will be transformed in the future.

CAT 125 courses (four units, every quarter) are upper-division writing and communication classes in which students focus on translating skills developed in lower-division writing courses into writing after college and public rhetoric. CAT 125R is the online version of CAT 125. Please note that students must only take one of these two courses to fulfill their upper-division writing requirement.

The Practicum (four units, any quarter) is an upper-division, four-unit general education requirement that embodies the college’s commitment to active, hands-on learning. Students enroll in courses that have a service-learning or community-based component to the curriculum.