Each quarter we offer a selection of interdisciplinary courses, which take varying approaches to the same basic issues.

CAT 1 courses (fall quarter, four units) focus on critical reading and drafting, by examining how culture, art, and technology have intersected in the past. In CAT 1, students ask questions like: “What is a text? How do you analyze various genres of texts? And how do we narrate the past?"   Note: Students must have successfully completed the Entry Level Writing Requirement to take this class.

CAT 2 courses (winter quarter, six units) are writing intensive, focusing on argumentation, revision, and writing as process by examining case studies of culture, art, and technology interacting in the present moment. In CAT 2 writing courses, students learn about how different kinds of arguments are constructed, how visual arguments persuade, and why some parts of an argument might not be visible or open to debate.

CAT 3 courses (spring quarter, six units) are writing and research intensive, focusing on collaboration, research, and art-making by speculating on how the relationships between culture, art, and technology will be transformed in the future. These courses ask students to look at the production of knowledge from multiple sources and many cultural perspectives. CAT 3 courses build on skills developed in CAT 2, asking students to perform independent research, collaborate, and produce new knowledge.









The 'Core Sequence' is the series of three lower-division college writing classes, taken in order over three quarters.