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Sixth College Academic Programs offer students rich and varied scholarly opportunities in preparation for future success.  Academic Programs fundamental offerings encompass the lower-division core sequence of freshman writing classes, an upper-division writing course, and the college's experiential learning requirement. These five essentials are all required for graduation from Sixth College.

The Culture, Art, and Technology program is part of Academic Programs. CAT is a three-quarter, three-course sequence required for all *first-year students.  CAT is both a freshman writing program and an interdisciplinary core sequence which explores how aspects of human culture shape and mediate our interactions with our environment and with each other. Entering students who meet all eligibility requirements will enroll in CAT 1, CAT 2, and CAT 3 in the fall, winter, and spring quarters (respectively) of their **first year.  Students must have satisfied the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement before enrolling or wait-listing ANY CAT class.

Students must satisfy the upper-division writing requirement by completing CAT 125, or its online equivalent, CAT 125R. This class in public rhetoric and practical communication prepares students for success beyond UCSD by developing their proficiency in public presentation. They will create their own expertise-related materials, and explore how individuals have created media-specific identities. Students will direct written, spoken, or digital compositions to multiple audiences in various genres, as they learn how to effectively and efficiently demonstrate their authority through digital media.

The Practicum is unique to Sixth College. The Practicum program, also part of Academic Programs, assists students in identifying, selecting, or developing their individually chosen project. While projects themselves vary, each presents students an opportunity for "hands-on" experience, applying their knowledge to real-world problems and connecting with communities outside the classroom.

Throughout the entire curriculum, CAT students examine their own authority as writers and understand how different genres and citation conventions are appropriate for establishing credibility in different contexts.

* Students who are not eligible to enroll in CAT classes during their first year at UCSD because they have not satisfied a course prerequisite such as the UCELRW, will have opportunities to attain the required minimum level of proficiency before the sequence is offered again the following fall.  These students should NOT enroll in CAT during their first year on campus.  Students should only enroll once they have acquired the necessary status.

**Students are encouraged to complete the  core sequence as early in their academic careers as possible, once their eligibility has been established.  Students in the core sequence gain valuable skills, applicable to all university coursework, which helps them achieve greater academic success.

The Practicum

The Sixth College Practicum is an upper-division, general education requirement that embodies the college’s commitment to active, hands-on learning. Students enroll in courses that have an experiential, service-learning, or community-based component to the curriculum.

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