Sixth College Student Council




Meeting Info

Any member of the public is welcome to attend and give input at council meetings.

Meeting Time: Every Thursday at 5:15 P.M.
Meeting Location: Main Conference Room on the second floor of Pepper Canyon Hall.


Get involved and join one of the SCSC committees:

Committee Description Contact Meetings
Festival Event: Kuncocshun, an annual celebration of student talent and creativity. Festival Director Fridays
Arts Event: Spirit of the Masters, other art-themed events and activities Arts Director


Culture Event: C.H.A.O.S. (Cultures Having An Outrageous Scene), other cultural events Culture Director TBA
Technology Events: LAN parties and Winter Game Fest. Technology Director TBA
Special Events Events: annual Semi-Formal Dance, and other important Sixth College traditions Special Events Director TBA
Spirit Event: annual Spirit Night, and other events and activities promoting Sixth College and UC San Diego. Spirit Director TBA

Rules committee serves to advise SCSC on operative and legislative matters regarding SCSC.  The main charge of rules committee is to make sure the constitution and bylaws are reflective of current SCSC practices, Sixth College and UCSD policies. Meetings are determined by VP Internal each quarter.

VP Internal TBA

Finance committee serves operative and finance matters regarding SCSC. They review all funding requests submitted to SCSC and make recommendations on the annual budget.

Thursdays 4pm
Main Conference Room (PCH 280/1)
Judicial Board

SCJB is an arm of the Sixth College Student Council and is the body of Sixth College students that conducts hearings to resolve allegations of student misconduct.

Judicial Borad Chair TBA


Sixth College Student Council President:


President: Ario Ramezani 

VP Internal: Cheryl Patel 

VP External: Sally Nguyen 

VP Programing: Oscar Bolanos 

VP Finance: Karissa Aguiar 

Secretary: Cecily Swason


4th Year SenatorChristie Morishige 

3rd Year Senator: Dyllan Thweatt 

2nd Year Senator: Vicky Guan 

1st Year Senator: Shazzy Kamali 

AS Senator: Angie Saavedra 

AS Senator: Liza Lukasheva

Commuter Senator: Nancy Tran

Transfer Senator: Angela Tomlinson


Arts Director: Aimee Ermel

Culture Director: Mary Wang

Festivals Director: To-Van Hoang

SPEC Director: Tiffany-Lynn Chow

Spirit Director: Diana Tran

Technology Director: Alex Villa


Diversity Advocate: Isabella Gonzalez

Diversity Advocate: Jacob Monken

HDH Representative: Clarisse Abuel

SFAB Representative: Melody Chen

SFAC Representative: Darlene Nguyen

Student Health Representative: Roxanna Koosha

SRRC Representative: Christopher Graves

Sustanability Advocate: Jaimie Huynh

UCAB/BAC Representative: Tiffany Miao

LSAC Representative: Lauren Fong

SOVAC Representative: Sabrina Lim

SOVAC Representative (shadow): Crystal Inacay

Judicial Board

Judicial Board Chair

Judicial Board (8)

Council Operations

Webmaster: Justin Lee

Historians: Justin Huynh, Marsha Rosales

Graphic Design: Gregory Wong