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Completing the Sixth College Academic Assessment and Reflection Process

What is the Sixth College Academic Assessment and Reflection Process?

The Sixth College Academic Reflection Process is intended to help you and advisors assess your academic progress and help you build an academic success plan that addresses academic difficulties that you may be facing.

How do I complete an Academic Reflection Appointment?

To facilitate a productive discussion, you must:

  • Call Sixth College Academic Advising at (858) 822-5955 to schedule an appointment:
    • Notify the front desk that you have been instructed to make an appointment to meet with an advisor to complete an Academic Reflection.

You must schedule an appointment; Academic Reflection cannot be completed during walk-in advising.

  • Prior to your appointment, complete the Sixth College Academic Assessment and Reflection which includes:
    • Completing a self-assessment
    • Reviewing your progress in major-related courses
    • Reflecting on your recent academic difficulty (about 500 words)
    • Drafting a three-quarter academic plan with academic departments

Be prepared to spend at least 25 minutes on the reflection and 45 minutes to complete the appointment. Arrive on time and be prepared to complete a questionnaire as our advisors prepare to meet with you.

During your appointment we will help you address factors that may be affecting your academic performance and can assist with identifying adjustments to help you find academic success.

Hold Policy

If a hold has been placed on your account, it will not be removed until you have completed your appointment. Be aware that all University drop deadlines are strictly enforced and it is your responsibility to contact the college in a timely manner to comply with these deadlines.