CAT Courses

Each quarter we offer a selection of interdisciplinary courses, which take varying approaches to the same basic issues.

CAT 1 courses (fall quarter, four units) focus on critical reading and questions like “What is a text?” or “How can an artifact or source be analyzed?” or “Why is the same object of study approached differently in different fields?”

CAT 2 courses (winter quarter, six units) emphasize arguments, both explicit and implicit, focus shifts to writing. Students learn more about how different kinds of arguments are constructed, how visual arguments persuade, and why some parts of an argument might not be visible or open to debate. Note: Students must have successfully completed the Entry Level Writing Requirement to take this class.

CAT 3 courses (spring quarter, six units) look at the making of knowledge from multiple sources and many cultural perspectives. Intensive writing instruction continues, with an emphasis on producing an independent research project.

CAT 125 (any quarter, four units) is an upper-division course offered every quarter that can be taken before, during, or after the Practicum. In this course, students learn to:
  • Develop increased experience and proficiency in public presentation, documentation, and curation
  • Direct written, spoken, or digital compositions to multiple audiences
  • Examine their own authority as writers and understand how different genres and citation conventions are appropriate for establishing credibility in different contexts
  • Compose written work that supports and extends their own experiential learning

CAT 125R (quarter varies, four units) is the online version of the required upper-division CAT course.

The Practicum is a wonderful opportunity for students to integrate theory and practice by making connections between classroom learning and community experiences.

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