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Commuter Students

Commuter students are important and valued members of the Sixth College and UCSD communities.

Being connected to the campus and getting involved with leadership and other involvement opportunities will enrich your college experience.

Commuters at Sixth

Commuter Center

Sixth College commuter students have access to the Commuter Center located in Catalyst Building on the basement floor. The Commuter Center will be open 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.

Having problems accessing the Commuter Center? Please contact the Sixth College Front Desk.

The Sixth College Commuter Center:

  • Provides study and socializing resources for students who live off campus
  • Helps commuter students get involved in the life of the college and campus
  • Fosters interaction between commuter students and other members of Sixth College and UCSD
  • Is a great place to study, hang out with friends, eat lunch, meet with a study group, or hold a student organization meeting

The Sixth College Commuter Center is equipped with:

  • Computers and a printer
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Rental lockers
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Flat screen TV
  • Plenty of comfortable furniture

Commuter Lockers


Finding yourself in need of some storage space while on campus? Rent a locker at the Sixth College Commuter Center! Lockers are available for rental on a quarterly or yearly rate of $10 per quarter or $30 for the academic year (only available for purchase in Fall).

In order to receive a locker, you must submit a Commuter Center Locker Application and pay the associated rental fees. 

Lockers can be rented during the following periods or until all lockers have been rented:

  • Fall Quarter: Weeks 1 - 5
  • Winter Quarter: Weeks 1 & 2
  • Spring Quarter: Weeks 1 & 2
  • Not available during Summer Sessions

*Commuter Center lockers are only available for Sixth College students and students living in the North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Communities. 

Commuters in Action (CIA)

The Sixth College student organization, Commuters In Action (CIA)  provides opportunities for Sixth College commuter students to plan and participate in social events. Participating in CIA is an excellent way to meet other commuter students.

CIA is here to help commuters:

  • Feel like they are a part of the University
  • Get involved with Sixth College
  • Meet fellow students
  • Have fun!

All CIA meetings are open to everyone. Join us for social hour, a bonfire, or our annual bobaling event (a night of bowling and boba tea). Get involved in planning commuter events - or a new event you'd like to see happen.

For more information about Commuters In Action, contact the CIA President.

Transfer and Commuter Student Social

During Week 1 of every quarter, Sixth College hosts a social for all transfer and commuter students. It's a great way to meet other students, connect with UCSD staff and learn about resources available to you. 

Campus Commuter Resources

The Commuter Student Services Office offers a place to hang out between classes, a locker, real-time traffic information, housing information, and opportunities to get involved. For more information, contact Commuter Student Programs, (858) 534-3670.

For more information about resources and opportunities for commuter students, contact Coordinator of Student Activities, (858) 534-9001.

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