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Organization Registration / Re-Registration

Registration Timeline

Fall Quarter

  • Week 1-3: Register a New Sixth College Organization

Winter Quarter

  • Week 1-3: Register a New Sixth College organization

Spring Quarter: Re-Register a Sixth College Organization

  • Week 5: Deadline to submit Re-Register Paperwork
  • Week 6: Re-registration under review
  • Week 7: Complete submission if anything needs resubmit

How to Re-Register a Sixth College Organization

To register use these steps:
  1. Complete the registration form (PDF)  and have your advisor complete the advisor acknowledgement form (PDF)
  2. Update your constitution (PDF)
  3. Submit registration form, advisor acknowledgement, and constitution to the Sixth College Hub (Pepper Canyon Hall, 2nd Floor), or email to
  4. All organizations must update contact information when any changes occur. 

How to Register a New Sixth College Organization

To register use these steps:
  1. Complete the registration form (PDF)
  2. Update your constitution (PDF)
  3. Complete the Tell Us About Your Organization (PDF) questionnaire to help us understand your organization. Your answers will factor into the registration process. So please take them seriously.
    1. What are the specific reasons/needs for establishing a new Sixth Organization?
    2. Will the new organization fulfill the needs of the Sixth Community that are not currently addressed? If so, what needs will be met?
    3. How will the organization benefit the Sixth Community?
    4. What types of programming and activities will the new organization provide?
    5. For what reasons did you choose a specific advisor?
  4. Submit registration form, advisor acknowledgement, questionnaire, and constitution to the front desk at the Sixth College Hub or email to

A minimum of 50% of the Principal Members must meet with the Coordinator of Student Activities to go over rules and regulations following approval of the new organization.

Approval Process

The packet will be reviewed by the Coordinator of Student Activities, who will check for proper completion. They will either approve or give necessary edits to the group by the end of Week 4 in Fall and Winter Quarter for New Registered Student Orgs and end of Week 6 for Re-Registered Student Orgs.

Upon approval, 50% of the Principal Members must meet with the Coordinator of Student Activities to go over rules and regulations. 

Sixth College offers a Student Leadership workshop specifically for our student orgs during fall quarter. This workshop gives updates to student orgs on specific university processes and gives our student leaders a chance to collaborate with other Sixth College Orgs. At least one member must attend to maintain Sixth College Org status.

Principal Members

  1. Sixth College requires a minimum of three (3) full-time registered UC San Diego students, two of whom must hold the positions of President and Financial Officer within the organization. At all times the President and Financial Officer must be held by Sixth students.
  2. Principal members assume full responsibility for the financial status, actions, and programs of the student organization.
  3. Only registered principal members are authorized to officially conduct business with the University, e.g., calendar events, reserve facilities, access budget numbers, and spend student organization funds.
  4. Student organizations may not be used as a conduit for personal financial gain or for the establishment of personal business.
  5. Students must update organization registration each time any of the principal members change or there are any updates to the organization’s constitution.

Official Advisors

All Sixth College organizations are required one non-student, UCSD staff or faculty member as an official advisor.

  1. Advisors must sign the student organization advisory signature page in the registration packet.
  2. Advisors are required to work with student organizations to ensure that they are following proper University procedures.

All student organizations must register every Fall Quarter by the end of the third week in order to be considered a registered student organization for the calendar year. New student organizations may complete a registration packet at any time in the year. All organizations must update contact information when any changes occur.


Student Event Forms

Before an event

  • Have you met with your advisor? You must get their approval before preceding. They are there to help guide your event planning process and ensure that you are in compliance with university policies.
  • Are you requesting funding from Sixth College Student Council? Be sure to visit the funding section of their website.
  • Make sure that you print enough attendee lists for the expected number. Save a tree and print double sided.
  • Are you giving away prizes at your event? If you are, fill out the Prize Distribution Form before the event. Be sure to have it with you on the day of the event so that you can collect the names and PIDs of your lucky winners.
  • If you are planning ahead, your advisor has the resources to make event supply purchases on your behalf via a university express card, cash advance, or purchase order. This means you will not have to front your own money and wait to get reimbursed! PLAN AHEAD!!!!

After an event

  • If you received funding from Sixth College Student Council you will need to submit a post budget that records your actual expenses for the event along with an Event Evaluation Form. Both need to be submitted to the VP of Finance ( and the Executive Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs (
  • Did you make a purchase using you own money? Submit a Reimbursement Request Form to the Executive Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs ( The form should be completely filled out, signed by your advisor, and turned in with original receipts, attendee lists, and if applicable the Prize Distribution Form.

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