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Sixth Avenges the Golden Shoe at Unolympics!

Thank you, Sixth College students, for swinging into action during Welcome Week and avenging back the Golden Shoe Trophy with your heroic spirit!


Hands reaching up towards the Golden Shoe TrophyScreenshot-2023-10-12-122856.png


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Sixth College has held many traditions since its founding in 2001. Check out the traditions of Sixth — both old and new!

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COVID-19 Updates

See the latest updates from the university about COVID-19 and what resources are available for students and faculty.

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Explore academic tips and strategies created by our advising staff and other campus partners.

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We have compiled resources to help you with housing, basic needs, financial struggles, or physical and mental health.

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Here is our collection of artsy things you can create and games you can play with friends digitally!

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Whether it's a sneezing panda or crashing waves, we got it for ya.


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