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Academic Advising Staff

At Sixth College, our academic advising mission is to provide a supportive environment for students to develop and advance their educational, professional, and personal goals.

Academic Advisors Are Here To:

  • Give you academic guidance and encouragement
  • Help you feel you are a part of the academic community
  • Help you develop personal and career goals and become a lifelong learner
  • Help you become an effective global citizen in the 21st Century
  • Christine Fraser

    Christine Fraser

    Dean of Academic Advising | Phone: (858) 534-9001

  • Alicia Ingold

    Alicia Ingold

    Assistant Dean of Academic Advising | Phone: (858) 534-9001

  • Arthur Alvarez

    Arthur Alvarez

    Senior Academic Advisor | Phone: (858) 534-9001

  • Frank Lin

    Frank Lin

    Senior Academic Advisor | Phone: (858) 534-9001

  • Shawnessy Negrotto

    Shawnessy Negrotto

    Senior Academic Advisor | Phone: (858) 534-9001

  • Ruben Torres

    Senior Academic Advisor | Phone: (858) 534-9001

  • Tracy Cruz

    Tracy Cruz

    Senior Academic Advisor and New Student Program Specialist | Phone: (858) 534-9001

  • Christina Bond

    Christina Bond

    Academic Advisor | Phone: (858) 534-9001

  • Jordie Duncan

    Jordie Duncan

    Academic Advisor | Phone: (858) 534-9001

  • Hannah McCurdy

    Hannah McCurdy

    Academic Advisor | Phone: (858) 534-9001

  • Natalie Duran '21

    Natalie Duran '21

    Peer Advisor

    Major: Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience
    Hometown:  Ontario, CA
    Began Sixth College Peer Advising: Fall 2018
    Activities: UCSD StRIVE
    Career Goals: Anesthesiologist

  • Mike Lyken '20

    Mike Lyken '20

    Peer Advisor

    Major: Cognitive Science w/ Specialization in Machine Learning & Neurocomputation
    Hometown: Moreno Valley, CA
    Began Sixth College Peer Advising: Fall 2018
    Activities: Intramural sports, videogames
    Career Goals: Impact his community and those alike through meaningful measures towards unity and progression

  • Brasilia Perez '21

    Brasilia Perez '21

    Peer Advisor

    Major: Environmental Systems, EBE
    Hometown:  Ventura, CA
    Began Sixth College Peer Advising: Fall 2019
    Activities: Sixth College RA, Sixth College FYE DL

  • Rachael Pryce '20

    Rachael Pryce '20

    Peer Advisor

    Major: Literature/Writing
    Minor: Education Studies
    Hometown: Murrieta, CA
    Began Sixth College Peer Advising: Fall 2019
    Activities: Starbucks Barista, time with Family and Friends
    Career Goals: Teacher/Education