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Community: Faculty

The creative and distinguished faculty affiliated with Sixth College come from all disciplines on the UC San Diego campus, assuring diversity and vibrancy in our academic and educational programs. Faculty play a pivotal role in shaping the vision and goals of the College, teach in the courses offered at Sixth or in their own departments, mentor students, lead Practicum projects, and serve on College and campus committees.
At Sixth, we do our utmost to foster opportunities for faculty to interact with each other and the rest of the Sixth community beyond the traditional academic settings. Examples include the Dine-with-a-Prof program, faculty participation at Orientation and other College events, CAT 125 receptions, College seminars, and other activities and mentorship programs.

Faculty who wish to learn more about opportunities to become involved with Sixth are welcome to contact Provost Dr. Lakshmi ChilukuriDr. Phoebe Bronstein, or Naomi Chavez, Operations and Program Analyst.  


Executive Committee

The  Executive Committee is charged with oversight of Sixth’s academic plan, and all related aspects of the College’s educational environment. Elected faculty members normally serve two-year renewable terms.

Members are representative of the five academic divisions of the UCSD general campus, and none, apart from the Provost and the chair of the faculty, may be members of the same department. There are two student representatives who are selected by the Sixth students in a representative manner and who serve no more than two on-year terms. The Executive Committee may also call meetings of the Sixth College faculty and appoint ad hoc committees. To view the complete role of the Sixth College Executive Committee, please click here.

Executive Committee Members (2021-2022) -

Members Department
Cook, Geoffrey (Chair) Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Castro, Robert Theatre 
Forman, Fonna Political Science
Macagno, Eduardo Cell & Developmental Biology
Mosqueda, Gilberto Structural Engineering
Weizman, Haim Chemistry/Biochemistry
Chilukuri, Lakshmi Sixth College Provost,  ex-officio
Fraser, Christine Sixth College Dean of Academic Advising,  ex-officio
Tang, Ben Sixth College Student Representative
Arcot, Shria Sixth College Student Representative

Core Advisory Committee

The Core Advisory Committee focuses on the Culture, Art, and Technology course sequence and affiliated programs, including the embedded writing program. Faculty members serve renewable three-year terms.

The Core Advisory Committee works with the Director of Academic Programs to develop, maintain, and evaluate the CAT program and to develop writing assessment mechanisms. In conjunction with the Executive Committee, the members will also ensure that Sixth College fulfills campus-wide goals for the Writing Programs, participating in regular CEP reviews of the UCSD Writing Programs. To read the full Core Advisory Committee charge, please click here.

Core Advisory Committee Members (2019-2020) -

Members Department
Golan, Tal (Chair) History
Kluender, Robert Linguistics
Nguyen, Hoang Literature
Chilukuri, Lakshmi Sixth College Provost, ex-officio
Bronstein, Phoebe
Sixth College Director of Academic Programs, ex-officio
Fraser, Christine Sixth College Dean of Academic Advising, ex-officio
TBD Sixth College Student Representative

Practicum Advisory Committee

The Practicum Advisory Committee works to develop and refine the Sixth College Practicum. Committee members serve renewable three-year terms.

The Practicum Advisory Committee advises the Provost, the Director of Academic Programs, and the Associate Director for Practicum and Experiential Learning on the running and development of the Sixth College Practicum program. The committee ensures that the Practicum follows UCSD Academic Senate rules and guidelines, and establishes explicit educational goals while applying high academic standards. To read the full Practicum Advisory Committee charge, please click here.

Practicum Advisory Committee Members (2021-2021) -

Members Department
Alvarado, Christine Computer Science and Engineering
Petrie, Katherine Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution
Weizman, Haim Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chilukuri, Lakshmi Sixth College Provost, ex officio
Fraser, Christine Sixth College Dean of Academic Advising, ex officio
Bronstein, Phoebe Sixth College Director of Academic Programs, ex officio
Robertson Geibel, Bill Sixth College Associate Director of Practicum and Experiential Learning, ex officio
TBD Sixth College Student Representative

Academic Senate Representatives

The Academic Senate is one of three governance branches in the University of California system. Sixth College appoints two faculty to represent it on the San Diego division of the Academic Senate. Representatives serve for two-year terms each.

In the San Diego division of the Academic Senate, the Representative Assembly is the legislative body, which consists of 86 members. Members meet six to eight times throughout the year and act on committee recommendations on various matters. Representatives advise in the areas of faculty appointment and promotion, budget priority and policy, library policy, research policy, academic freedom, faculty privilege and tenure, faculty welfare, faculty and student affirmative action, campus planning, and computer policy. Representatives also take part in the search for deans, chancellors, and presidents, and are called upon to recommend faculty for serve on administrative committees.

Academic Senate Representatives (2018-2020) -

Members Department Alternate Members Department
Christine Alvarado Computer Science & Engineering   Geoffrey Cook SIO
Robert Castro Theatre and Dance   Shlomo Dubnov Music


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