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Transfer Student Resources

Welcome, transfer students, to Sixth College!

Transfer and Commuter Student Social

During Week 1 of every quarter, Sixth College hosts a social for all transfer and commuter students. It's a great way to meet other students, connect with UCSD staff and learn about resources available to you.

Transfer Student Senator on SCSC

During Spring Quarter, one Sixth College transfer student is elected to serve as the Transfer Student Senator on the Sixth College Student Council (SCSC) for the coming academic year. This student is your representative to the SCSC and advocates for issues and concerns facing all transfer students.

Academic Experience

Academic Success Resources

Centralized online site helping undergraduate students find tutoring assistance, study groups, tips for academic success, as well as program, campus and departmental resources (Biology, Math, Chemistry, etc).

Programs Abroad

Offers undergraduate students the opportunity to study, volunteer, or intern in other countries. There are several options to choose from EAP, OAP, or Global Seminars. Study abroad doesn't delay graduation and classes can be taken to fulfill major, minor, and GE requirements. Sixth College offers a Study Abroad Scholarship!

UCDC Program

Offers undergraduate students the opportunity to continue studying while interning in Washington, DC. Can be used as Practicum.

Practical Experience

Career Center

Assists undergraduate and graduate students with information, resources, and advising on career, internships, graduate/medical school, resume/cover letter, and networking.

Academic Internship Program

Offers undergraduate students the opportunity to apply academic knowledge and analytical skills in professional settings while earning academic credit. Can use as Practicum.

The Academic Internship Program is an upper division, credit-bearing special studies course open to juniors and seniors in all academic disciplines.  At the time of application, students must have:

  • 90 units complete
  • minimum 2.5 UC GPA
  • completed at least one full quarter at a UC

Student Involvement

Sixth College Opportunities

Join one of the many Sixth College committees, student orgs, or leadership opportunities. The Sixth Community is YOUR community!

Center for Student Involvement

Get involved on campus through one of the various student organizations and clubs, Greek life, Leadership and Communication programs, and community service opportunities.

See these additional resources for all UCSD transfer students:
  • All Campus Transfer Association (ACTA) provides social opportunities, study groups, and a transfer student listserv. ACTA can even help you find a roommate.
  • If you're a transfer student who lives off campus, you're also a commuter student. The Commuter Student Services Office offers a place to hang out between classes, a locker, real-time traffic information, housing information, and opportunities to get involved. For more information, contact Commuter Student Programs, (858) 534-3670.
  • The Triton Transfer Connect Program is provided each summer for new transfer students entering UCSD in the Fall Quarter. It helps students find housing, roommates, and friends. For more information, contact Commuter Student Programs, (858) 534-3670.

For more information, contact Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, (858) 822-5956.

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