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General Education Requirements

Students admitted as first-years must plan to complete the following general education (GE) requirements for Sixth College. IGETC certification cannot apply to students admitted as first-years.

Transfer students should review General Education Requirements for Transfer Students to better understand their requirements given their transfer agreement. 

All students must meet Sixth College GE requirements in addition to University Requirements


Sixth College General Education (GE) requirements (PDF)
GE, DEI, and AHI Course Overlaps (PDF)

Core Sequence: Culture, Art, and Technology (CAT)

Students must complete the writing core sequence (CAT 1, 2, and 3) in order. Students should complete the sequence during their first year or as soon as they have completed the Entry Level Writing Requirement. The sequence cannot be replaced with college courses taken at another institution. This sequence is required for all students admitted as first-year students. Transfer students do not need CAT 1-3.

Lower Division Breadth Requirements

Students must take 11 lower division GE (breadth) courses encompassing a variety of disciplines outlined in the Sixth College GE Requirements list:

  • Information Technology Fluency (1 computing/programming course)
  • Social Analysis (2 social science courses)
  • Narrative, Aesthetic, and Historical Reasoning (2 humanities courses)
  • Analytical and Scientific Methods (2 science courses)
  • Structured Reasoning (1 math/logic course)
  • Exploring Data (1 statistics course)
  • Art Making (8 units)

These areas may overlap with applicable major, minor, and university requirements. Applicable Advanced Placement (AP) credit, International Baccalaureate (IB) credit, and transfer credit may be applied toward these areas. 

Upper Division Requirements