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Want to submit to Sixth News You Can Use?

Send us an email at 

The submission formatting guidelines are as follows:

Event Title:
Event description:
External Link or Contact Email:

Additionally, attach a graphic (.PNG or .JPG/.JPEG files are acceptable)

All entries are due by Thursday at 4:00pm of the week prior to publishing the newsletter.

  • Please include any links to websites, Facebook events, application forms, etc.
  • Please include an image with your event description as well (size restrictions below). If you do not, a placeholder image will be used.
  • Be aware that when submitting an image to go with your event, images for "Events" will need to be cropped to fit a 280px by 210px rectangle, while images for "Spotlights" and "Opportunities" will need to fit a 600px by 200px rectangle. If your image is smaller than those dimensions, we may need to use an alternate image or alter what you provide.
  • Please also mention if your event goes on for consecutive weeks, and whether or not you want the event to reappear in the newsletter.
  • "Spotlights" will prioritize big Sixth College events/opportunities and notable campus-wide events/opportunities. Please keep this in mind when submitting an image with your event.


If you have any more questions, please feel free to email


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