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Dear Sixth Community, 

The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery lay bare once again the depths of anti-Blackness and the insidiousness of racism. Black Lives Matter and it is our collective responsibility to live that value. 

The devastation we feel is compounded by what we already know is the disproportionately large effect of the global pandemic on the Black population and communities of color, born of historic and institutionalized racist discrimination and inadequate access to health care. Many of you have reached out to us with your sorrow, rage, and anguish. Your grief is valid and we feel it with you. 

The founders of Sixth picked the word “Aware” in our motto for a reason. To be the change we wish to see, we pledge to be aware: aware of the dangers of complacency and willful ignorance, aware of the need to actively listen, to speak out against anti-Blackness in any shape or form, and to examine our own biases.  Most importantly, we will act on that awareness with integrity and resolve. 

Now, more than ever, there is a dire need for the interconnectedness on which we Sixers pride ourselves. We must acknowledge the pain that is being experienced in Black communities and commit to being present with it regardless of our identities; to come together in community and support each other.

As Sixth College, we affirm the Chancellor’s statement. “Black Lives Matter” is not a statement but a lived value that we will nurture with ongoing care, attention, and action. We will work toward actively dismantling systemic anti-Blackness and racism here at our University and in American society at large. We will act with attention toward creating and supporting resources for underserved students and creating a more equitable institution. It is our privilege to support you and to advocate for you. If you or someone you know needs support, please reach out. We are here for you.

Some resources for information and assistance are provided below. 


Campus Community Centers

Student Affairs, Academic Advising, Academic Programs, Residence Life at Sixth College, for diverse resources to support the Black community, learn, donate, and seek mental health support. 



Lakshmi Chilukuri

Provost, Sixth College


Phoebe Bronstein

Director, Academic Programs, Sixth College


Christine Fraser

Dean, Academic Advising, Sixth College


Anthony Jakubisin

Director, Residence Life, Sixth College


Diane LeGree

Dean, Student Affairs, Sixth College


Sixers Online Additional Resources

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, UC San Diego and Sixth College will continue to aid all in all aspects as you continue your college career. We provide these resources to you here during these troubling times. Sixers Online Additional Resources is your destination for all things to help with COVID-19.

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Welcome to Sixth College!

Dear Sixers,

By almost any measure, this is an unusual time in our history, a challenge to our resilience and inventiveness. I have faith that our indomitable Sixth spirit, the same that won us the UnOlympics three beautiful times in a row, that makes “Community” the first word Sixers use to describe our college, and that makes you the most fearless people, that spirit will see us through. I hope as you learn the new ways of building community with your classmates and instructors, as you work with staff to make this a truly productive time, that you do so with kindness, compassion, and an eye to the needs of those around you. Remember that social distancing protects not only ourselves but also those among us who are most vulnerable and least able to protect themselves. Remember also, the importance of living and working with integrity does not change no matter where you are. Rest assured that every member of our staff is working inventively and tirelessly to make this quarter every bit the Sixth experience.

Sixth College students are curious, adventurous, fearless people, open to challenge and imagination. Financial support from family, alumni, and friends of Sixth College makes it possible for these intrepid explorers to take on innovative projects at the intersection of culture, art, and technology. We deeply appreciate your help.